Unskilled Jobs in Malta for Foreigners 2023

  • Full Time
  • Pietà, Malta
  • Applications have closed



No Education and Language Profiles

This vacancy does not require a specific profile.


  • Air the rooms
  • Dust & clean floors, carpets, furniture and objects. Ventilate rooms
  • Dust, sort out waste and empty dustbins
  • Clean and store clothes and other textiles (washing, sewing, ironing)
  • Maintain and store cleaning materials. Check stock of products
  • Inform client on damage to furniture and appliances and if possible make repairs
  • Clean and maintain tools
  • Clean floors and furniture
  • Do the dishes and stow them away. Tidy and clean the kitchen and sanitary facilities
  • Clean toilets and kitchens. Fill towel and soap dispenser
  • Clean and dry glass surfaces, borders and frames
  • Prepare cleaning agents and equipment. Mark out slippery areas
  • Prepare materials and cleaning products (wiper, rod, ladder). Demarcation of work place/working zone
  • Fill in follow-up documents (schedule, place…) and inform concerned persons about abnormalities
  • Assist staff of industrial kitchen (reception, heating plates, washing linen…)
  • Change sheets and make up beds
  • Dispose of waste (domestic, industrial). Put dustbins and waste containers outside for collection
  • Clean surfaces with: automatic cleaning machine (scrubber drier)
  • Clean surfaces with: cleaning machine, pressure washer, high pressure cleaner
  • Clean surfaces with: machine with injection/extraction
  • Clean surfaces with: electro-mechanical machine (rotary machines, parquet polisher, glossing machine…)
  • Clean surfaces with: carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machine
  • Clean glass surfaces on ground floor (windows, walls, mirrors…)
  • Clean and disinfect rooms (cold stores, production lines…) in delicate environment (food, chemistry…)
  • Clean and maintain private outdoor areas (green zones, courtyards…)
  • Clean inside of planes, cars, trains…and supply new accessories (headsets, bags…)
  • Clean: polish parquet (laminate wooden floors) and furniture
  • Clean: removal of stains from fitted carpets
  • Clean: clean windows
  • Clean: clean and polish tin and silverware
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