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Operations Manager

This position is responsible for directing a group of Team Leaders in the fulfillment of daily Distribution Centre (DC) operations. Develops, communicates, and ensures the effective implementation of operational procedures in the following areas: receiving, order-filling, and shipping. Oversees all daily work activities to ensure customer quality, productivity, service, and delivery commitments are met


  • Plans and monitors the daily basis Operations to ensure they are carried out in a productive, safe, and cost-efficient manner. Reviews all associated reports, and documentation for accuracy and consistency.
  • Establishes area-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes and ensures department employees are adequately trained in their proper execution.
  • Sets and communicates departmental objectives. Provides direction, support, and coaching to Team Leaders in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and the accomplishment of objectives.
  • Monitors and analyzes the daily productivity report (TPR), key performance indicators (KPIs), and employee productivity reports. Devises action plans as appropriate to address any areas of substandard performance
  • Works closely with the on-site Human Resources department to address employee performance issues in accordance with policies.
  • Reviews and audits current budget expenditures for cost savings or efficiency opportunities.
  • Reviews staffing schedules and allocation of resources to ensure levels are consistent with budget forecasts.
  • Attends and/or conducts planning meetings, taskforces, and workgroups with other Area Managers/other DCs to review common issues and identify opportunities for improvement. Facilitates a variety of departmental and operational meetings to ensure open two-way communication.
  • Makes recommendations for process improvements in operational procedures, productivity standards, staff planning and allocation, working conditions and use of equipment in order to increase the efficiency of the department.


  • Advanced level of experience in warehousing logistics, operations and support Services or quality assurance.
  • Advanced knowledge of Health and Safety, including Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations for Industrial establishments. Hazard recognition Material Handling Equipment, PPE, Machine Guarding, and Electrical Safety.
  • Excellent judgment in prioritizing requests, excellent organization and problem-solving / decision-making skills.
  • Exceptional communication skills (written and verbal) including an ability to interact with all levels of the organization.
  • Data analysis skills including information gathering, research, analysis, and reporting skills.
  • Managerial skills including selection, coaching, and counseling Team Leaders, Evaluating performance, team building, and administration and operational planning including resource allocation.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, multi-task, manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines under pressure.
  • Ability to hold the team accountable through frequent follow-up on areas of responsibility.
  • Computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, email.
  • Knowledge of Mainframe applications.
  • Ability to work flexible shifts, long weekends, and additional hours as required.

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