Writing Jobs in Chicago

ReVamp Wholesale

Brand Writer

Job Description:

The Brand Writer will handle all brand accounts at ReVamp. Developing creative ideas and concepts, often in partnership with the Creative Team. Presenting ideas and familiarising themselves with the brand, the target audience and the consumer electronics industry.

Writing clear, persuasive, original copy while updating digital media. Proofreading copy to check spelling and grammar and amending, revising or redeveloping adverts or campaigns in response to feedback. Overseeing campaigns through the production stage to completion. Working under pressure and often tight deadlines.

Other possible responsibilities:

  • Casting actors for TV and radio work and listening to voice tapes
  • Liaising with production companies, photographers, typographers, designers and printers
  • Keeping up to date with popular culture and trends
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

To apply for this job please visit www.indeed.com.

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