Live Train Running Status Indian Railway

What is Train Running status ?

Live Train Running status of the train means checking the train status, where exactly the train is standing or running.
Running status has become a widely used service nowadays. Calling the railway station telephone and being on the queue is really irritating and wasting of time. People do prefer checking the Live train running status instead of calling Railway station telephone.

What all are the websites which provide Live train running status ?

just take the help of below-mentioned websites:

What is Live Train Running Status ?

As explained above what is Running status, Live train running status is the Live (real time) status of the train. In other words, real-time status of the train currently running is the Live train running status.

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Is Live train running status always correct  and accurate ? 

Yes and No too. Got confused ?
But do not worry! basically, there is a little bit delay in updating the Live train running status in all the websites. This delay might be max 5 minutes only.
Why this delay ?
As you know there are many trains running at the same time. Whenever train leaves a station railways real-time system updates the status in their system and takes the max of 5 min to update the status of all the trains.


When is it required to check the Live train running status ?

Calling the railway station telephone again and again and asking for Live running status is not possible because the telephone is often busy at this time Checking the Live train running status online is convenient.
Let us explain with one example: You are having your breakfast at 11 o’clock morning and your need to catch your train at 11.30am then you would prefer to check the Live status online instead of calling to the railway station. Why ? why you’ll prefer online because –
if you’ll make a call to railway station telephone at 11 o’clock then they will say The Train Is At the Right time’ and they will disconnect the call suddenly it has been my experience that’s why i am writing here
If you check the Live train running status online then you will get the exact running status with the expected time to reach at Next station. Please have a look at below screen shot.
ETA means- “Estimated Time of Arrival”  
Live Train Running Status

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What all are the benefits of using Live train running status service?

  1. It saves time.
  2. It is more accurate then railway telephone enquiry.
  3. It is more descriptive compare to the timing chart in the railway station.
  4. you can set the alert in your mobile once train reaches your selected station (Few websites having this facility)

How to check Live train running status ?

It is the common question people always have. Checking the Live train running status is very easy. There are plenty of websites which all uses the IRCTC APIs to fetch the real time train running status. Few of them are explained below please have a look.

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