New Tatkal Ticket Booking Time in Jan 2023

Last updated on 10th Jan 2023

As announced by Indian Railway recently the new Tatkal Ticket Booking Time is 10 am for AC Classes and 11 am for Sleeper classes.

What is Tatkal?

Tatkal, literally means ‘Immediate’. Tatkal booking facility is the saviour for millions of travellers. Comfortable last-minute travel is made possible with the Tatkal system.

Tatkal ticket booking time starts a day in advance. For instance, if you want to travel tomorrow, you can book the tickets today. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd constantly updates the system of tatkal booking to ease the process of booking tickets online. Tatkal ticket booking opened at 10 am every day.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Time

Do you know about the new tatkal ticket booking time updated by Indian Railways this year in Jan 2023?

Booking an e-ticket using the tatkal scheme during rush hour is like rushing in an ambulance during peak traffic. Due to heavy traffic and a huge load on servers during the tatkal hours, between 10 am to 12 pm, users find it too hard to book their tickets. In order to eliminate the problems faced by the users, IRCTC modified their tatkal ticket booking time system in 2016.

Earlier in 2012-2013, the tatkal ticket booking time was scheduled at 8 am every day, which was then altered to 10 am. Updating the system of tatkal booking is a continuous process in order to meet the demands of the public.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Time – As announced by Indian Railway The New Time from Jan 2023

Class Tatkal Ticket Booking Timing
AC Classes – 3AC, 2AC, 1AC 10 am
Sleeper Class – SL, SS, CC 11 am

What is IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Time Today?

New tatkal ticket booking time is now divided into two slots now 10 AM and 11 AM with a new system called IRCTC Lite. This is a promising facility offered by IRCTC to enhance the user experience.

  • Slot 1 10 AM For AC Classes

In all the trains tatkal reservation for AC Classes will be opened at 10 am sharp, just 1 day from the train’s origin station.

  • Slot 2  11 AM For Non-AC Classes (Sleeper/2nd Sleeper)

In all the trains tatkal reservations for Non-AC Classes will be opened at 11 am sharp, just 1 day from the train’s origin station.

Why tatkal ticket booking time changes has been done by Indian Railway?

Indian Railway has decided to divide the tatkal into two slots in order to reduce the load on the website during the tatkal hour which is 10 AM. However, the IRCTC website portal has improved a lot of loading and response time now by implementing the IRCTC Lite Version concept (explained below) but still, the website gets down at 10 AM sometimes.

After this separation of slot1 and slot2, Railway is making sure that the UP-Time for the website will be 100%.

What About IRCTC Agent’s Timing? IRCTC Agent Tatkal Booking Time

Railway says IRCTC agents will now be stopped from booking the tickets for 30 minutes:

  • From the opening of bookings – from 8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. for general bookings,
  • From 10 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. for Tatkal AC classes and
  • From 11 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. for Tatkal non-AC classes

Some other changes are also done by Indian Railway:

Railway senior official says that “Currently there is no refund amount if a passenger cancels their Confirmed tatkal ticket but now Railway is planning to provide 50% of total fare of Tatkal ticket on cancellation”

What is IRCTC Lite

IRCTC Lite Version is very similar to the existing IRCTC tatkal scheme, except for the fact that all unwanted and irrelevant elements are eliminated during this peak hour of booking. Elimination of additional services cut downs the load and enhances the speed of booking a transaction.

Also Read: What is IRCTC Lite Version ?

For instance, the IRCTC Lite facility doesn’t allow any ads, images, features, etc which are irrelevant to tatkal booking.

The ‘Plan My Travel’ section is automated with a list of stations. In addition, in the ‘My Transactions’ section, services like cancellation history, refund status, etc are not available under the new scheme only during peak hours.

The new IRCTC service received a promising welcome! Soon after the launch of this facility IRCTC Lite, the average bookings has been increased, claims the GM, IRCTC.

The positive element of IRCTC Lite is the timing! The no-frill Lite system with a bonus of half an hour makes the tatkal booking a hassle-free process.

What are the problems all Indian face during the tatkal ticket booking time?

1. Login Problem: This had been the biggest problem with Indian Railway’s website we have been facing. In order to book a tatkal ticket, we will have to log in 3-5 minutes before in the IRCTC portal but at this time the traffic is huge so 90% of people are unable to log in.

By the way, Indian Railways has overcome this problem by bringing IRCTC Lite Concept on the same website After this change, one can easily login into the portal at any time without any hassle.

2. Session Expire: As you need to log in 3 to 5 minutes before in the Portal, sometimes it happens session gets expired. This is because the IRCTC website has a Session Expiration feature based on Minutes (5 minutes) now to the Agents who make a log in 30 minutes before the tatkal ticket booking time and keep clicking on any link to keep the session alive.

IRCTC Agent Tatkal Booking Time


3. Number of Queries: Again new concept was introduced :-/ Indian railways brought a new concept called “Limitation in the number of queries per session“. If you log in 5 minutes before tatkal ticket booking time and click more than 10 times on any link in the portal then the session gets expired and you get one error message as “Number of queries exceeded“.

This concept is introduced to eliminate spam from the website. However, irctc is ‘HTTPS://‘ means SSL secured (Secured socket Layer) but I mean Spam is visitors who use any script to automate the tatkal ticket booking process.

4. Captcha Filing: Did you ever notice the captcha during Normal ticket booking and Tatkal ticket booking time is totally different? During tatkal ticket booking time, the captcha is very hard to read so many times you struggle to enter a correct captcha and go ahead. To overcome this problem you can refer to the article Tatkal Booking Tricks 2023.


Que1. Can I book a tatkal ticket anytime online?

Ans. No, you can’t. Tatkal tickets can not be booked at any time. there are specific hours to book tatkal tickets online that ie. 10 am for AC coaches and 11 am for SL coaches on the daily basis.

The time is the same for both Online e-tickets and counter tickets.

Que2. How many tickets can be booked at a time in TATKAL?

As per the IRCTC new guidelines, one user is permitted to book only 2(two) tatkal tickets from one IP address between 10 am to 12 noon. So the user might get a limit exceeded warning while booking tickets for more than two.

If still you face any problem rather than mentioned above, feel free to comment below we will look into that.

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  1. Please advise me Sir,
    If my agent booked Tatkal ticket for me and i am at different state, if he send me soft copy via mail or WhatsApp. Does Train TC allow this ?
    Kindly revert me with correct answer according to Railway policy.

  2. Train starts at 00:05 midnight on 13/03 (say) from its opening station which is my boarding station as well….When tatkal booking can be done…I read somewhere that 24hrs before counts from time of chart preparation….

  3. While clicking on tatkal option it shows please check general quota status, what is it?
    In my train general quota was in waiting in all classes and tatkal showing not available ”
    I checked 1 day before my journey at 10am
    But coz of heavy waiting in general quota tatkal is not available ,some new rule for tatkal?

  4. Sir if i have to travel on date 6/4/17 from ludhiana to shahjahanpur.which date i can book ticket in tatkal .

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  7. The Irctc Lite concept seems to be good, however if IRCTC tatkal timings can be changed based on the train depature time the server congestions can be reduced considerably. For instance, now the timings for A/C and Non A/C tatkal has been changed, however a person who want to travel from Ahmedabad to Delhi will also try to login for tatkal and a person from chennai to mumbai will also login at the same time. So there will again be congestion. If the tatkal opening is based on 24 hrs before the depature time of each train it will reduce considerably. People booking from mobile phones using 2g can also book tatkal easily.

  8. Mangalore Vivek express , train no :- 22851

    Starting point is Santraganji on 15/12/2016 departure 15:50

    Boarding point is vijayawada on 16/12/2016 departure 11:00 a.m

    Reaches Mangalore on 17th dec

    When should I book tatkal ticket my journey is on 16th December(vijayawada to Mangalore )

    Example :-
    If I need to travel on 16th Dec 2016. Do I need to buk tatkal ticket on 15th Dec. But the train starts on 15th Dec from Santraganji at 15:50 . .. when should I book tatkal ticket …? my boarding station is vijayawada 16th Dec at 11:00 a.m.. please clarify. ….

    Thank you

  9. My train departure date and time is 14/12/2016 1:55 am. Pune to Bengaluru city. So when I can purchase tatkal ticket? By date it’s Wednesday. Please help me. I am facing this problem.

  10. How do i get refund for a cancelled e ticket? I had cancelled a ticket prior to 18 hrs of journey, but still refunds are not credited. Please guide

  11. I am in total confusion. How come tatkal tickets for 27-10-2016 KRBA TVC Express be opened before 10 A.M on 25/10/2016?

  12. Sir, when I have to book the ticket under tatkal scheme, for a scenario, if the train starts on Thursday evening, but I boarding into the train on second day only that means on Friday .. in this situation when I have to book the ticket ? On Wednesday or Thursday

  13. Sir i want to understand
    Can i mention 4 passanger names on one tatkal ticket and get reservation because it is confusing to know we can book only 2 tatkal tickets
    Rajesh Mahindru

  14. dear sir mam i booked two tatkaal tickets in last month and train has been late more then 15 hours and i filled tdr form nd gett a ticket number but i dont recive my amount still yet so when i will recive my refund amount

  15. Tatkal booking starts at 10 am. I want to book the ticket through irctc website. But in the website, we are not allowed to book any ticket between 8 am to 12 noon. So, what are the possible ways to book tatkal tickets, sir i am not an agents.

  16. Sir i want to book tatkal ticket but in your IRCTC application shows book a ticket after 8-12 and you says that the time is 10 am how is this possible??????? Please reply me because i want to book a tatkal ticket shortly for emergency.

  17. Despite of tatkal scheme most of the time we fail to book tickets due to server overload and slow internet connection. Very informative. thanks..

  18. Though I am not an agent,but i gets the same reply during Tatkal reservation timings , you are not allowed to do transaction during 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs.WHY?

  19. Can I book more than 2 tickets under tatkal from same IP address after 12 noon
    If I want 8 tickets under tatkal as a student group what should I do …to get it how it can be booked online

  20. Tatkal booking starts at 10 am. I want to book the ticket through irctc website. But in the website, we are not allowed to book any ticket between 8 am to 12 noon. So, what are the possible ways to book tatkal e- ticket at the earliest?

  21. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for sparing your valuable time for clarifying booking related doubts.

    I have booked 2+2 total 4 e-tickets through irctc website. unfortunately all e-tickets are not at all confirmed, but they are WL tickets.

    So the query is.. What are the cancellation charges, in case i cancel the e-tickets ( if they are still WL ticktets)…?

    • Hello Poojary,
      Firstly you need to know that why it got deactivated. Please do contact IRCTC at

      Tell the issue through an email and wait for reply. Paste here the reply you got from IRCTC and we will assist you further.


    • Hello N Sundaramoorthy,
      Yes it can be done but if there are still any seat is available to book.

      Once all the seats get occupied tatkal will be closed.

  22. Tatkal booking timing has been 10AM since few years. And i guess it will be same for next few years also.

    The IRCTC Lite version is really helpful to book the tickets at good speed as i know. Railway has improved a lot there website in terms of speed, previously visitors were not able to login itself but now its very easy to login during peak time also ei 10AM.

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