Paytm IRCTC Offer Today – 100% Cachback on Convenience Fee

Paytm IRCTC Offer

What is the big deal about using the IRCTC Paytm wallet to book train tickets online?

Paytm wallet is something special from other payment options available at the IRCTC site for online train ticket bookings. In fact, you can enjoy the lucrative IRCTC Paytm offer.

We all know, Indian Railways never give any offer or discount on booking train tickets. Rather, we are charged extra towards additional taxes, cess and IRCTC service charges! The best thing about using the Paytm IRCTC is getting Paytm IRCTC Offer.

Before looking into the Paytm IRCTC offer or how to use the IRCTC Paytm promo/coupon code, here is the brief introduction to IRCTC Paytm wallet.

Paytm IRCTC Offer – What it is?

IRCTC continues to introduce a lot of state-of-the-art facilities to the passengers to enhance as well as ease the user experience. The scenario of booking the train tickets has been constantly changing for the past few years. One of the latest additions to the payment wallets to book the train tickets with ease and fast.

The mobile and technology-centric market created a partnership between the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd and Paytm!

IRCTC has launched its exclusive IRCTC eWallet as a payment option. In addition to introducing the IRCTC eWallet, IRCTC also tied with Paytm. The partnership provided an additional payment option for online train ticket booking. IRCTC Paytm wallet enables the users to book the tickets using their Paytm wallet rather than using the plastic cards.

How to Redeem or Activate this Offer from Paytm website?

A valid Paytm account is necessary

Here i am going to explain the process of getting the coupon.


Go to the Paytm website and click on Login/Register link here and enter your email/mobile and password to make a successful login.


Now do not search anything instead just type below URL in the address bar and click on the enter key.

You will see the mentioned screenshot.

IRCTC Paytm Offer


Click on Buy for Rs 0 button. You might get one alert message saying that

This coupon you can redeem only once per account, So if you are going to book IRCTC ticket using this then only buy now”

Just go ahead and click on OK

Now your Paytm account is ready for availing this Paytm IRCTC Offer.


How to book an IRCTC ticket using the Paytm wallet?

You should have a valid Paytm account with adequate cash to pay for the train tickets.

This is not a big deal at all! The only thing that you should change while booking an online ticket is the payment option. Choose the payment option, IRCTC Paytm Wallet as your preferred payment option. Other steps involved in ticket booking remain the same.


Login the IRCTC website by entering a user name and password. If you do not have an IRCTC account please make IRCTC Registration and get user name and password.


Fill the plan my Travel section and select the train and class of ticket.


Enter the passenger details and check the ‘proceed to payment option


In the payment option / check out page, choose the option ‘Cash Card / Wallets’ and select ‘Paytm Wallet’.

Paytm IRCTC Offer

It will redirect you to the Paytm Site, you need to log in with your Paytm User id and password.

Note: You are charged at 1.30% as transaction charges towards Paytm IRCTC offer service tax per transaction.

The payment is confirmed in a few seconds and the cost of the ticket along with transaction charges will be debited from your Paytm wallet balance.

If you are canceling a ticket, the refund amount of the canceled tickets will be credited to the respective mode of payment. So, if you booked tickets using the Paytm IRCTC offer, the amount will be added to the Paytm wallet.

General Rules and Conditions of Paytm IRCTC Offer

As mentioned earlier, the beauty of booking online train tickets through the Paytm IRCTC wallet is the exciting offers and coupons. It is not provided by Indian Railways, but Paytm offers a lot of coupons, discounts and promo offer to the users.

There is no minimum and maximum ticket booking restriction is imposed on getting the paytm IRCTC offer.

You should have sufficient balance in your Paytm wallet to book the ticket and claim the Paytm IRCTC offer as IRCTC does not provide any option to add extra options to meet the shortage. If the cost of tickets plus additional charges is INR 2000, your Paytm wallet should have a balance no less than INR 2000.

Note: You cannot use the Paytm IRCTC offer to book tickets between 8 Am to 12 Pm every day.  

Paytm IRCTC Offer Variations

IRCTC Paytm offer varies from time to time. You should look for periodic updates about the IRCTC Paytm promo/coupon code here.

The general Paytm IRCTC offer extended to every user who uses Paytm wallet to book ticket is Max Rs.50 /– cashback on every transaction. 

This valid is an offer on the first 10 IRCTC transactions (regardless of several tickets), made via Paytm wallet.

After every successful transaction, your Paytm will credit the cashback offer and you should verify your mobile number to receive the cashback.

For other offers, you will receive IRCTC Paytm promo/coupon code. You can redeem the coupon code against any transactions made via Paytm.

Paytm have its digital wallet approved by the Reserve Bank of India. So, it provides various coupons, discounts and promotional offers on different categories.

Even if you purchase any item using Paytm you get lucrative coupons or cashback offers, which you can use to book the train tickets. For every IRCTC transaction, your Paytm account will be credited with Rs.50

Watch for the periodic offers provided by the Paytm site and make the most of the Paytm IRCTC offer. :)

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