What is Premium Tatkal in IRCTC?

What is Premium Tatkal Booking

Ministry of Indian Railway has introduced a new reservation quota well known as Premium Tatkal. As the name itself says that it is only used to book the tatkal tickets. Premium Tatkal cost is always equal to Tatkal ticket or More than Tatkal ticket is also possible.

What is Tatkal Ticket?

A Tatkal Ticket is one that can only be booked just one day before the train departure date. It is a new strategy introduced by Indian Railway specially Nitish Kumar to help the passengers who plan their journey suddenly

What are Premium Tatkal Tickets?

Premium tickets in IRCTC had been introduced in October 2014 in order to get more money from the passengers.

What is the Difference between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal tickets in IRCTC ?

The main difference between Tatkal & Premium Tatkal is only the cost of the ticket you are going to book.

How to book Premium Tatkal Ticket in IRCTC?

Hey! if you have ever booked the normal tatkal ticket then booking a premium tatkal ticket is very easy for you.

Follow the below steps to book the premium tatkal ticket:


Login into IRCTC Website with your user name and password you have. If you do not have an account registered with IRCTC then you can refer the article IRCTC Create New Account.


Once you logged in the Left side you can see the box "Plan my journey". Enter Source, destination station with the date of journey and search for the train you want to travel.

After getting the train list at the right-hand side you can see the button for selecting the Premium Tatkal option. Click on it.


Now select the couch SL/AC and click on the Book Now button.


Proceed with payment mode and get the confirm Premium Tatkal Ticket.

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Premium Tatkal Charges

There is no control over the pricing of Premium Tatkal tickets because it changes time by time. Yes, if you have booked any Flight ticket ever then you might have observed that flight ticket's price is always dynamic and it changes dynamically based on the seats left in the flight same concept Indian railways applied on premium train tickets also.


What is Premium Tatkal Booking time in IRCTC

There is no time for premium tatkal. As soon as tatkal gets over premium tatkal starts.

Does the Premium Tatkal option is available all the time?

Yes! it is visible only, means you can click on it but actually it will say N/A if it's not available. Premium Tatkal becomes available occasionally not always.

Is Premium Tatkal Ticket cost is equal to normal Tatkal ticket?

Yes, premium tatkal ticket cost can be same as Normal tatkal ticket if there is no more demand for the seats in the train but as per latest updates by Indian Railways about increment in Tatkal Charges because of the huge demand of the seats, it seems that Premium ticket cost can never be same as normal tatkal ticket cost.

Suppose 30 Tatkal seats are left right now so Premium Tatkal will be closed for now until these 30 seats get occupied, after 1 day all 30 seats are occupied at Rs. 800 then after this Premium tatkal will be opened at Rs. 800. But if there no more demand for the seats on the same train then Premium Tatkal ticket cost will remain the same as Tatkal ticket cost.

Premium tatkal is available in all the trains all the time?

No. Premium tatkal option is present always if you book a ticket online but on selecting this option it will show Not Available always. So when exactly it gets available?  it gets available during seasons and occasions like Rakhsbandhan, Diwali, etc. and the fare of the ticket also is more this time.

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How many seats are under IRCTC Premium Tatkal Scheme?

Railway says, There are 50% seats of the Normal Tatkal seat available. But in reality, IRCTC Premium Tatkal is the part of the Normal tatkal and they divide the entire seats into two parts 75% for Normal Tatkal and the remaining 25% for Premium Tatkal.

Can we book Premium Tatkal at a railway station?

No, you can't. Premium Tatkal can only be booked online at www.irctc.co.in

What is the Premium Tatkal Timing in IRCTC?

There is no specific time for Premium Tatkal booking timing Once tatkal booking gets over, premium tatkal starts immediately if applicable.

Is IRCTC Premium Tatkal Ticket always confirmed?

Yes. When you book a Premium Tatkal ticket then you get a confirmed ticket always it can never be in RAC/WL.

What about IRCTC Premium Tatkal Rates?

Its dynamic always, for example, current fare is 500 Rs. for Premium Tatkal and 50 seats are left and after a few hours, only 40 seats are left then the price will be increased to 600Rs. or 700Rs.+

Is a meal included in Premium Tatkal Ticket Price?

It depends. If Meal is included in the normal ticket by default then it will be included in the premium ticket also. This is the main factor in the high cost of premium tickets.

How much amount will be refunded if on canceling the premium ticket?

No refund is given to passengers in case of cancellation of confirm premium ticket.

Few other rules also applied by Indian Railways in Premium Tatkal Ticket:

Final words:

Book Premium tatkal tickets only if you are in need and it is urgent to travel on the same day otherwise plan your journey well and book the ticket earlier. Save Money!

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  • how can we get refund in case of train is ruining late by more then 3 hr. for my premium tatka ticket

  • Sir I book my ticket in premium tatkal.....travelling fare also deduct from my ac.....but I not get any pnr no. or seat no.....when I check my last transition history its shows that payment successfully done .....but I not get pnr and seat no.....what can I do?

    • Check Ticket history. If ticket is not there then it means ticket not booked. You will get your money back after 7 days.

  • I have booked my ticket and payment is done but it is not showing my ticket details in history and I cant print my ticket and it is also not showing pnr no why?

  • Dear sir maine ek tatkal ticket liya 9 march ka mujhe ye janna ha ki tatkal ticket pe matlab fair charge par service tax nahi lagta kya

  • Sir me PT me ticket liya but booking status me status 'requested show' kar raha h..kitne time me ticket confirm hogi