7 Questions in Mind While Boarding a Flight

Is it your first time flying? Then, there must be a few Questions in mind while boarding a flight, right? So, let me answer all of your most pestering questions through this simple article.

Questions in Mind while Boarding a Flight

1. Airport Premises

1.1 How Many Hours Before a Flight Should Passengers Reach the Airport?


Roughly speaking, passengers should reach the airport at least 2 hours before any flight for a smoother journey.

1.2 What Should the Passengers Do After Entering the Airport Premises?

After passengers have been allowed entry by the Central Industry Security Force (CISF) Guard who shall check the air ticket and the passenger’s ID, they should then proceed to the baggage check area of the respective airline for baggage screening.

After the baggage has been screened, the passenger should then approach the check-in counter where after a further screening of hand luggage, the passenger boarding pass and baggage receipt are awarded. Passengers should keep the boarding pass and baggage receipt safely until they hand it over to the flight attendant.

Questions in mind while travelling first time by air

1.3 What to do if the Flight Gets Delayed?

If a flight gets delayed and there is a long layover, passengers should wait in the lounge area or go around checking duty-free shops for indulging in some airport shopping.

2. Documents Required

2.1 What Documents are a Must to Carry When Flying for Domestic People?

a) Print-out of the ticket is a must to carry as a mere show of text message received for flight booking shall not be accepted. If passengers haven’t taken out the print it could cost them somewhere around 50 to 100 rupees to get printed at the airport.

b) Passport is also a must to carry (only if you are traveling out of India).

c) Driving license or Election card for photo identification should be carried along. If passengers have lost their id proofs then an affidavit of their copies would do.

Best would be to get 2 identification proofs attested to enable smoother identification.

2.2 What Documents are a Must to Carry When Flying for International Visitors?

a) A passport serves as valid identification for international fliers. It must be kept securely at all times throughout one’s stay.

b) A printout of the flying ticket.

Questions in Mind While Boarding a Flight

2.3 What to do in Case of Loss of Passport?

Loss of passport should immediately be rectified by the issuance of a new passport which is done by the passport authorities.

3. Airport Security Check

3.1 What does Security Check Include?

An airport security check includes x-ray checking of hand luggage and x-ray check of the passenger.

3.2 Can I Wear Earrings through Airport Security Check?

No, passengers cannot wear their earrings and any kind of jewelry through the security check. They will be requested to take it off for security check and put it in their respective tray for checking carry-on luggage.

can I wear earrings during airport security check

3.3 Do I Have to Take My Shoes Off at the Airport Security?

Yes, the following items have to be removed before the x-ray check of any passenger.

  • Coats, Jackets, or Jumpers
  • High-Heels, shoes, or slippers (normal ones are mostly allowed)
  • Belts or hairbands
  • Watches or wristbands
  • Metal Jewellery

These will be placed in their own tray and get through the security check.

3.4 What are the Electronic Items Allowed at the Airport Security?

All electronic items- be it laptops, notebooks, CD players, etc need to be put in their separate tray and go through security check along with hand luggage. Phones can be placed in your handbag to avoid stealing.

Note: IRON is strictly not allowed.

3.5 How to have a Smooth Security Check?

For a smooth security check, one must remember to:

a) Place all electronics in hands reach to place at the security trays

b) Zip-lock all liquid items like make-up, toiletries, baby food, or medicine to present easily.

c) Take off coats, shoes, etc beforehand and place them in their tray.

Do I Have to Take My Shoes Off at the Airport Security

3.6 What Items are Not Allowed in Hand luggage?

The following items are no-fly listed items and are thus not allowed to be taken on a flight:

a) Sharp Items like blades, knives, scissors, etc.
b) Weapons like guns, pistols, rifles, etc.
c) Blunt yet dangerous items like badminton rackets, tennis rackets, cricket bats, etc.
d) Tools like drilling machines etc
e) Explosives or Stunning equipment
f) Firecrackers and other dangerous items like poison, gas, etc

4. Luggage or Baggage

4.1 What are Luggage Tags for?

Luggage tags can come super handy when passengers misplace their luggage or if the luggage gets delayed or lost. Passengers are given multiple tags to put on the luggage & inside the luggage bags for enhanced security.

4.2 How much is the Free Baggage Allowance for Domestic Flights?

Baggage allowance is generally divided into two types of luggage:

Checked Baggage: It is always measured by weight and it is different for every airline (Usually up to 15kg is allowed for free check-in)

Hand Baggage: It is usually measured in size dimensions of length-width-height. (Up to 7kg is allowed)

Since every airline has different definitions of free baggage allowance their respective websites or customer care should be contacted timely before packing for any flight.

4.3 How many Hand Luggage Bags can I carry?

Single hand luggage bag is allowed along with an airport shopping bag. The handbag of the passenger can be carried inside the hand luggage bag but not separately.

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4.4 How to Travel with Excess Luggage?

For every airline, luggage limits are on per personal basis. So, there are 3 ways to travel with excess luggage:

a) Prepaid Luggage: You can book excess luggage beforehand by paying a nominal charge for it and then travel smoothly without any trouble.

b) Pay Charge on the spot: If the luggage accidentally becomes excess then travelers are required to pay a nominal amount of charge for every excess bag or weight they carry. The charges are different for every airline and the airline authorities have the right to decline the request for excess luggage if they are left with no room for it.

c) Take help: Travellers who wish to travel with excess luggage but are not keen to pay any extra charge can divide their luggage within their traveling group rationally. 

4.5 What to do if Checked Luggage goes Missing or gets Damaged or is Delayed?

Airlines are bound to take care of passenger luggage and deliver it timely. However, in some cases, mostly when a connecting flight is involved, the luggage can go missing or get delayed and when that happens, passengers should immediately contact the BAGGAGE SERVICE DESK. are advised not to leave the baggage delivery area until a complaint of missing or damaged luggage has not been registered.

Furthermore, passengers should not leave the baggage delivery area until a complaint of missing or damaged luggage has not been registered.

The Baggage Service Desk will offer 2 Ways or Reimbursements:

a) Travel Insurance: It will bring great benefits for any loss or damage of luggage.
b) Reasonable Reimbursement: The airline authorities will offer this to make it up to you in the form of a reasonable amount or in kind.

4.6 What Things Not Allowed in Flight?

What are not allowed in flight as luggage

The following items are strictly banned to be taken with on any flight as any type of luggage:

Poison, cyanide, pesticides, organic peroxides, thinners, paints, acids, radioactive materials, explosives, ammunition, smoke canisters or cartridges, etc.

a) Things that are flammable.
b) Oxidizers like bleaching powders.
c) Gas cylinders or tear gas devices.
d) Infectious things such as living virus-carrying things.
e) Non-safe car batteries or matchboxes or fireworks or firelighters
f) Instruments containing mercury or magnets.
g) Vehicle parts that have fuel in them.
h) Animals being smuggled illegally

5. Travelling with Children

5.1 How much Old should a Child be for being Eligible to Travel on the Flight?

Usually, children below the age of 7 days are not allowed to fly. Kids above 7 days and up to 2 years of age are considered ‘infants’ and are eligible to fly.

5.2 How much Fare will be Chargeable for Children’s Tickets?

Full fare will be chargeable for all kids above the age of 2 years. Infants are charged at half price or discounted price according to the policies of different airline authorities.

5.3 Do I need to Book a Seat for my Child?

Yes, every child who is eligible to travel requires booking to be done for them. However, only those who are above the age of 2 years will be awarded a seat to sit. Infants are required to travel being seated on their parent’s lap.

5.4 What is Children’s Baggage Allowance?

Same as an adult’s however, for children below the age of 2 years, 7 kilograms as hand baggage is allowed on most flights.

Tips for smooth air travel with children

5.5 Do Children Require a Passport to Travel by Flight?

Yes, they need if traveling out of the country.

5.6 What ID Proof is required to be Presented for Booking a Ticket for Children?

Any valid identity proof like a birth certificate is required to be presented for booking tickets for children.

5.7 Quick Tips for Travelling with Children by Air?

a) Always carry a pillow and a blanket.
b) Install some interesting gaming mobile applications to keep your child entertained.
c) Plan their handbag with things or activities they like.
d) Carry a hand-made snack.
e) Always keep a surprise gift handy like a sticker set or a new color set.
f) Keep checking up on your child.

6. Travelling with Pets by Air

6.1 Are Pets allowed to Travel in Flight?

Yes, pets are allowed to travel by air as Cabin luggage or Cargo luggage, but only after the issuance of valid health certificates that show the vaccinations done up to date.

Is travelling with pets by air easy?

6.2 How to Transport Pets through Air Travel?

The pet must be properly muzzled and leashed. They can travel in kennels or ventilated bags depending on the pet’s weight and size. If the entire carrier weight is more than 5 kilograms then the pet will be required to travel as cargo luggage and not cabin luggage.

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6.3 Are Guide Dogs Allowed to Get a Seat on the Plane?

No, guide dogs or pets are not permitted to get a seat for themselves. However, in the case of a Trained Guide Dog having proper health /vaccination records, can be carried without any charge if trained to lead the passenger who is dependent on the dog due to any health issue.

6.4 How many Pets Per Passenger can Travel at One Time?

2 pets per passenger are the norm for travel by airplane.

6.5 What are the Charges for Travelling with Pets?

Travel of pets is chargeable in all cases. However, in the case of a Trained Guide Dog of a passenger who is severely dependent, the guide dog can be traveled without any charge. However, it is a must that the dog should be properly muzzled and leashed and also carry up-to-date health /vaccination certificates.

7. Flight Etiquettes to be Practised

What Activities Should Passengers Not Do on the flight?

Following activities should be done on a flight for the safety and sanity of one and all:

– Switching off electronics or not turning on airplane mode during take-off or landing of a flight.
– Maintaining basic hygiene and causing stinky spells every now and then.
– Letting go the flight attendant and pestering again and again for silly requests.
– Using co-passenger use the armrests by hogging both of them.
– Usage of overhead bins to store hand luggage and using others.
– Being decent enough and kicking or hitting the chair in front of you.

Will the Flight Serve Food to Passengers?

A welcome drink or meal is served on most flights however it depends on airlines to airlines and should be confirmed by the airline authorities.

Is it Okay to Talk to the Flight Attendant?

Yes, the stewards and stewardesses can be contacted for any trouble whatsoever however, they can report any indecent or disrespectful behavior of any passenger.

basic flying etiquette

How to get an Airline Ticket Upgraded to First Class?

If passengers wish to get their seats upgraded to first-class then they must arrive at the airport before time and check at the airline’s ticketing desk. A polite dressing sense and positive attitude could get passengers a complimentary upgrade as well. A first-class upgrade is chargeable otherwise.

 I hope I answered all the questions in mind while boarding a flight and on this note, I wish all the readers a happy and safe airline journey. Click on the following to get a ds 82 passport renewal form.

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