IRCTC Retiring Room Booking – How to Book in 2023?

Railway Retiring Room Booking

IRCTC Retiring room booking online, Not many people are aware of this what is the IRCTC Retiring room in Indian railways and how one can book it? Today I am going to explain the process for booking a retiring room online through the website this is only the website to book online.

IRCTC Retiring room booking

Note –For booking a Retiring room you must have a booked ticket and valid PNR Number otherwise you will not be allowed to book. The retiring room is only for the passengers not for public use like hotel rooms.

Following questions you might have to ask, I will clear everything up. If still, you have any queries you can post them in the comment box I’ll resolve your query.

What is IRCTC Retiring Room in Railway?

IRCTC Retiring Rooms are rooms used by passengers (having valid PNR number tickets) to rest and freshen up while waiting for their trains. They are available at selected railway stations across India and can be booked through the IRCTC Tourism website or by visiting the railway station’s booking counter.

The facilities provided in the retiring rooms can vary depending on the category of the room and the railway station where it is located. They generally include a bed, a toilet, and sometimes a chair and table. Some rooms may also have a TV, a telephone, and a drinking water facility.

Retiring rooms can be booked for a maximum of 24 hours at a time, with the option to extend the booking for additional hours or days if the room is available and if the extension charges are paid.

These rooms are provided for the convenience of the passengers who are waiting for the next train or for the passengers who have missed their connecting trains, as well as for passengers who are traveling with families and want to take a break in between their journeys.

How to Book IRCTC Retiring Room Online?

Here are the 7 steps to book an IRCTC retiring room online:

  1. Go to the IRCTC Tourism Website and log in to your account. If you do not have an account, please create one by providing your personal information and a valid email address.
  2. Once logged in, click on Retiring Room Tab and enter your PNR number.
  3. Select the destination station and type of room you would like to book (AC/Non-AC, single/double/dormitory bed) and the date and time for which you would like to book the room.
  4. Review the availability of rooms and the charges for the room you have selected.
  5. Make the payment for the room using a debit card, credit card, net banking, or UPI.
  6. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation and a booking reference number.
  7. Print the confirmation email or show the booking reference number at the railway station’s retiring room booking counter to claim your room.

Take the printout of the receipt and carry it while traveling you need to show this while entering the room.

For How Long you Can Book IRCTC Retiring Room?

You can book retiring rooms for only 24 hours to 48 hours. More than this you are not allowed to keep occupying the room.

As per my knowledge cutoff(2023), IRCTC allows you to book retiring rooms for a maximum of 24 hours at a time. However, you can extend your booking for additional hours or 2 days max only if the room is available and you are willing to pay the extension charges.

It’s important to note that extension charges are in addition to the regular charges for booking a retiring room, and they vary depending on the type of room and the railway station where it is located. You can check the extension charges on the IRCTC website before making a booking or by contacting the railway station directly.

It’s always recommended to check the IRCTC official website for the most recent and accurate information regarding the booking duration of the retiring room as the rules and regulations may change over time.

What are the Rules for Passengers who Cancels the Booked Retiring Room?

  1. Deduction of 10% on cancellation in advance of 48 hrs of the day of occupation.
  2. Deduction of 50% on cancellation within a period of fewer than 48 hrs to the day of occupation.
  3. Deduction of 100% on cancellation on the day of occupation.
  4. Passenger-wise cancellation is not allowed, only Room wise cancellation is allowed.
  5. If more than one room/dormitory is booked and cancellation is being done for a few rooms/dormitory then cancellation rules 1, 2, and 3 will be applicable for the room/dormitory as per the case.

Which Type of Retiring Rooms is Available Till Date?

They are available in Single bedrooms, Double bedrooms,s and Dormitory types with AC and Non AC also. The main difference between all those is only rent.

As of my knowledge cutoff (2023), the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers 3 Types of Rooms Single Bed, Double Bed, and Dormitory Room.

These 3 rooms types of rooms available as below:

  1. AC First Class: These are air-conditioned rooms with a single or double bed, and are usually located in the railway station’s first-class waiting area.
  2. 2nd AC: These are air-conditioned rooms with multiple beds, and are usually located in the railway station’s second-class waiting area.
  3. SL First Class: These are non-air-conditioned rooms with a single or double bed, and are usually located in the railway station’s first-class waiting area.
  4. 2nd SL: These are non-air-conditioned rooms with multiple beds, and are usually located in the railway station’s second-class waiting area.
  5. Family Rooms: These rooms are designed to accommodate families and are available in both AC and Non-AC options.

The availability of rooms may vary depending on the railway station and the time of booking. It’s recommended to check the IRCTC website or contact the railway station directly for the most up-to-date information on room availability and pricing.

Please note that the above information may change over time and for the most recent and accurate information, it’s recommended to check the official website of IRCTC.

Below are the images of different types of retiring rooms:

1. Single bed Room:

Single Bed Retiring Room

2. Double bed Room:

double bed-irctc-retiring-rooms

3. Dormitory Room Image:

Dormitory Retiring Roomdormitory retiring room image

For How Many People a Room is?

Room Accommodation rules are below please must read:

  • For the single passenger, one Room (single bed) One Room (double bed), or One Bed in the Dormitory. The dormitory is a common hall where many beds are available to book there is a common Let/Bath to use for all people.
  • For 2 passengers, One Room with a double bed or Two Beds in a Dormitory can be taken up.
  • For 3 passengers, One Room with a double bed + One Room with a single bed or Three Beds in the Dormitory.
  • For 4 passengers, Two Rooms with Double beds or Four beds in the Dormitory.
  • For 5 passengers, Two Rooms with double beds or Five beds in the Dormitory.
  • For 6 passengers, Two Rooms with Double Beds or Six beds in the Dormitory.

What About Extension Charges for IRCTC Retiring Room?

If you book a room in a single transaction for more than 24 hours in slots 12+24, 24+12, and 24+24 then the second slot as an extension of the booking of the first slot and a 25% extra tariff of the second slot you will have to pay i.e.

Just have a look into real Retiring Room tariff plans below:

IRCTC Retiring Room Charges min

Additionally, Note that the extension charges for IRCTC retiring rooms vary depending on the type of room and the railway station where it is located. Generally, the charges are higher for air-conditioned rooms and for rooms located at major railway stations.

The charges are usually calculated on an hourly or half-day basis, and it is subject to change from time to time. It’s recommended to check with the IRCTC website or by contacting the station directly before making a booking to get the most up-to-date information on extension charges.

It’s also important to note that the extension charges are in addition to the regular charges for booking a retiring room.

Please note that this is a piece of general information and the charges may vary for different stations and for different categories of rooms. It’s always better to check the IRCTC official website for the most recent and accurate information.

How much is Service Tax in Retiring Room Booking?

A service tax of @12.36% of the tariff of the room/bed will be charged to you.

What are the IRCTC Service Charges?

For a Retiring Room

For a Dormitory Bed

Up to 24 hours – Rs. 20/- Up to 24 hours – Rs. 10/-
From 24 hours to 48 hours – Rs. 40/- From 24 hours to 48 hours – Rs. 20/-

IRCTC Retiring Room Booking Station List:

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) offers retiring room booking at various railway stations across India.

Some of the railway stations where IRCTC retiring rooms are available include:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Ajmer
  3. Allahabad
  4. Amritsar
  5. Asansol
  6. Aurangabad
  7. Bangalore
  8. Bhopal
  9. Bhubaneswar
  10. Bikaner
  11. Bilaspur
  12. Chandigarh
  13. Chennai
  14. Coimbatore
  15. Cuttack
  16. Dehradun
  17. Delhi
  18. Dhanbad
  19. Durg
  20. Gorakhpur
  21. Guwahati
  22. Gwalior
  23. Howrah
  24. Hyderabad
  25. Indore
  26. Jaipur
  27. Jalandhar
  28. Jammu
  29. Jamshedpur
  30. Jodhpur
  31. Kanpur
  32. Kharagpur
  33. Kota
  34. Lucknow
  35. Ludhiana
  36. Madurai
  37. Mangalore
  38. Mumbai
  39. Mysore
  40. Nagpur
  41. Nashik
  42. Patna
  43. Pune
  44. Raipur
  45. Ranchi
  46. Secunderabad
  47. Surat
  48. Thiruvananthapuram
  49. Tiruchirapalli
  50. Varanasi

This list is not exhaustive and there are many more other stations also that have retiring rooms, you can check the availability of rooms and the fare on the official IRCTC website. Keep in mind that the availability of rooms may vary depending on the time of booking, and it’s always recommended to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Que1. Can I book Retiring Room for a waitlisted ticket?

 No, for waitlisted ticket booking can not be done. A retiring room can be booked only for RAC and Confirmed tickets.

Que2. Can I change the name later after booking a retiring room?

No, you can not change the name later.

Que3. If I have booked retiring online so can I cancel it at the retiring room counter?

– No, if you have booked a retiring room online then you can not cancel it at the retiring room counter at the railway station. But in case of any technical issue, the irctc tourism website is down and unable to cancel it then cancellation is allowed at the retiring room counter.

Que4. Can I cancel the retiring room after check-in?

– No, Before check-in only you can cancel the room. After entering a room you can not cancel it.

Que5. Is id proof required during check-in?

– Yes, it is mandatory to show id proof while check-in. Without ID proof you are can not make an entry in the register.

Que6. How many beds I can book in 1 PNR?

Please note, One booking per PNR is applicable, But if 4 passengers are there in one PNR then 4 beds you can book.

Que7. IRCTC retiring room contact number

Ans: To book IRCTC Retiring Room You can contact 180011013907556698100/4090400

Have a look at the below image for a quick View of the FAQ:

Retiring Room Booking

Still, Help Required?

For any assistance with the retiring room, please contact the “May I Help You Booth” at the stations or Station Manager/Dy. Station Superintendent and for booking and cancellation-related issues please contact below:

Email ID:
Phone No:  1800110139 You can call/mail us between 10 am to 6 pm (Mon-Sat)

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    The question is that i am reaching lucknow on 27.11.2016 (02:00) morning which will be a LATE CHECK-IN for 6 hours. Will there be any problem for me to check in. Please tell me in advance so that i can cancel and replan my booking. Regards

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    I’m, reaching NDLS on 14-10-16 with my wife and daughter (07 years) by Duronto Exp and catching Gatiman on 15-10-2016.
    May I book an AC 3 bed Retiring Room at NDLS for the night of 14th (FROM 14-10-16, 5pm to 15-10-2016, 7 am)??
    If yes, may I book it FROM any COUNTER at HOWRAH Station??
    Shall I get the RESPONSE at my email, too?
    I remain,
    Yours truly,
    Kalyan Koley

    • Yes, you can book the retiring room from 14th to 16th Aug (48 hours also).

      The railway has stopped Offline booking now at almost 80% stations so not sure for Howrah station.

      I’ll suggest you to book it Online.

  24. I have confirmed booking of a double room at Delhi Station for the 8 am to 8 pm slot (12 hours) and then I would arrive at 12:30 pm to take my room, will it be given to me or will it be cancelled?

  25. I am a single passenger but booked a double bed as single bed was not available ….I want to know will my room be shared with other passenger

    • Without PNR number you can not book Retiring Room anywhere in India.

      Go and talk to Station Master you have some special facility from Railway if you are railway employee.

  26. Dear Concerned,

    Hi, I want to book a retiring room at pathankot. The problem is that 2 senior citizens are travelling with a 15 year old boy. I could book only one double room as we cannot leave these senior people alone. Please help whether the boy will be allowed in the room or not.



    • Hello Shilpi,
      Children aged from 0-12 years all eligible, after 12 years age a full charge will be applicable.

      I’ll suggest, tell them the boy age is 10 years only. So they will allow at free of cost. :) and please inform that smart boy also your age is 10 years not 15 years and if somebody ask there then say 12 not 15.

  27. I have RAC ticket from surat to howara. will reach howara on 12th june evening.
    however i may try TATKAL ticket on 10th june.
    In that case i will cancel RAC ticket, which was used while booking accomodation.
    Can my booking for accomodation be still stand vaild with new tatkal ticket (new PNR)

    Passagers travelling will be same.

  28. I dont have any credit or debit card. I want my payment to be made through offline counter in cash. How could i proceed? pls guide

    • Hi Niharika,
      Currently all retiring room counters are closed at railway station for few months. Retiring room booking is allowed online only.
      You can confirm it once again at your nearest railway station.

  29. I dont have any debit or credit card of organisation mentioned. I want my ticket to be booket through offline couter mode and that too via direct cash…please guide

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  33. Dear Sir, I have to book room for 3 person at new delhi railway station . I have my ticket in RAC 1, 2 & 3 . But when I m booking the retiring room the error is showing against my PNR that slot is not available. And it is urgent to book on 18th may 2016.plzzz help me …….as I m travelling with my senior citizen parents…… I have tried several times but every time it shows error.

  34. Dear Sir, as I am booking retiring room on an RAC ticket but I am not able to book for 18th may as it is writing your PNR no. Is not available …. what’s the meaning of this …. as I need to book retiring room on 18th at new delhi

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    I have booked retiring room at Madurai and I have got confirmed room and transition I’d message on mobile unfortunately my kids deleted the message.
    Can I check in the room by showing my PNR ticket.

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  37. Can I book 1 double beded room and one dormitory bed at the same station using single pnr of 3 ppassengers ?

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  40. hi sir,
    I am travelling with my elder brother and mother .I wanted to book 1 double occupancy room and one single bed room ,however only one double bed room was available .I booked that room on my mother and mine p n r .and for my brother I booked the dormitory as no single or double bed room was available.
    my query is can my brother stay with me and my mother in that double bed room ?

    • Hello Sakshi,
      As per rule its not allowed. But it depends on you how you manage.
      My answer is YES you all can stay in double bed room. But first tell your brother to check-in with that dormitory room then after 2 hours silently shift luggage to your double bed room.

  41. Can I book retiring rooms at both source and destination from a single pnr? I will be traveling from Solapur to Bhubaneshwar. So can I book retiring rooms at Solapur as well as Bhubaneshwar or am I allowed to book at any one of them?

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  43. After getting PNR. AND booking retiring room at source or destination.
    Where and how payment to be made ,?

    • Payment can be done done at Retiring Room booking counter only. After that they will provide you one receipt which you’ll have carry while entering into retiring room on particular date.

  44. Need to know whether retiring rooms are functional at chandigarh station. When I try to book online for 8th May, it says under maintance.

  45. Is retiring rooms at jhansi railway station are good to stay (cleanliness and other facilities), i want to book retiring rooms but i am confused whether it will be good or not, please advice

    • Retiring room is good but go for AC rooms those are really awesome and affordable at railway station. Please keep your ticket with you while entering inside room because they will cross verify your PNR Number before allotting to you.

  46. I will visit Tirupati with my family (4 members) and be reaching TPTY on 24th March. My pnr no. Is 2859749494. During my ticket booking at Anand Vihar railway station today, I contacted T.T office from where retiring room can be booked. But the concerned staff informed me that only before 30 days of my journey, I can book my retiring room. Is it so ? Please confirm.

    • The retiring rooms can be booked in advance (up to 60 days) through internet as well as on terminals at the stations.
      The facility is available only on confirmed and RAC tickets.
      The rooms can be booked two days in advance based on unreserved tickets, railway passes and other travel authorities only on terminals at stations.

  47. Hi, I have booked a sleeper ticket from Chennai central to secunderabad travel date on 26th feb 2016.. will reach sec on 27th morning.. I want to book a retiring room in sec but when I tried in website it is showing that unable to fetch PNR details.. But my ticket is a confirmed ticket.. Can you help me with this…

  48. Dear Team..
    Mai Bengaluru city(SBC) se 3 persons ke liye retiring room book kr rahi hun in AC quota.Usme keval AC m double rooms hi available hai.Mai jab Ek double bed room book krne ke baad,dusra double bed room book kr rahi hun than usme eror aa raha hai ki..Room accomodation Exceeded..Please help me..Three persons ke liye room kaise book karun.

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  50. I booked Retiring room at Lucknow online. I want to cancel booking online. But not cancel. also I mail to IRCTC but still i not get reply from there side. what we can do

    • The website facility for booking/cancelling retiring room is worst.
      Try once more online if same issue persist then you will have to go to the railway station in person for cancelling it.

  51. Hi i’ve booked 2 beds in dormitory in Mumbai CSTM location but 2 beds came in different rooms so can i ask them to change my bed location so that both 2beds should get in same dormitory

  52. if booked a retiring room for 3 person with a valid tickets but one person not carry his id proof then wt will be done.

  53. i have booked a dormitory bed at Vijaywada Rly. station for 24 hrs from 6.00 hrs on 21 Nov.2015 to 6.00 hrs on 22 Nov. 2015 as it is the only slot available on the irctc on line booking. But my train arrives BZA at .00.15 hrs and I require to stay the night at the Rly Stan. As the reserved Dormitory bed will be available only at 6.00 hrs. can I get a dormitory bed from 00 hrs to 6.00 hrs on 21 Nov.2015 on line or will I get it on spot if I approach the Statiom Master Vijaywada immediately after my arrival at Midnight ?

  54. I want to book retiring room at secunderabad station. Another women friend of me can stay in the same room?? Or else we required to carry proof of marriage??

  55. I want to book domitery for my father,my mother and for my younger brother and all of them has a single ticket.So,I can book the Domitery for them.Once for all or separetely for my mother and separetely for my father and brother.

  56. I would like to book a double room for 2 persons at Erode Junction from 08.00 A.M. on 23.10.2015 to 20.00 hrs. on 24.10.2015.
    I have first booked a ticket PNR No: 4830848778 by train No:17230 boarding at Guntur(GNT) & ETA Erode 06.35A.M. on 23.10.2015 but we have been wait listed.Subsequently I have purchased a confirmed ticket by Train No: 18567 with P.N.R. No:6343692750 ETA Erode at 04.30 on 23.10.2015 but to be boarded at BZA(Vijayawada).

    However one ticket by Sabari Express got now confirmed while the other is likely to be confirmed in view of additional accommodation being provided by S.C.R. for meeting Dussarah festival.

    Can I book a room basing on the confirmed ticket now and cancel that ticket at a latter date in the event of confirmation of both the tickets by Sabari Express as there would be no change in the timings and dates of occupation of retiring room accommodation at Erode.

    Kindly advise.

  57. sir,
    i have booked a retiring room at lucknow station in slot 8:00-20:00, my train is at 15:00 and i will reach station probably at 11:00 because i have to come by bus to can i check-in to my retiring room or my room will be cancelled.
    please clearify,is there any restriction that u should check-in at check-in time at departure station also?

    thank you sir!

  58. We are four adult confined train booking, try to book retiring room , the site saying choose 2 double room but there is no option for choosing number of rooms. Can we book room separate for 2 passenger each on using same PNR number ?

  59. Sir, i have been trying to book a room or dormitory in Chandigarh station. But the site shows like this when i checked the availability “Location is under Maintenance” for the past 2-3 weeks.

    Can you please help me in this? Is the rooms or beds could be available in the destination ?

  60. Hi, This is Anurag. Last week I had went to Mumbai CST with my family. It is situated platform No 16 1st floor of exit door.I booking by IRCTC retiring room by online.I pay 2224/- for 24hr. But it is bad condition. Its Bed sheet is very dirty. There are lots of rat inside the room. One thing is Mumbai railway police are not have helping nature.

  61. dear sir,
    can anyone booked a rr from a railway stn. other than source and/or destination railway station.
    plz reply ?

  62. web site is not responding for Book Railway Retiring Room:

    Not many people are aware from this that what is Retiring room in Indian railways and how one can book it? Today i am going to explain the process for booking a retiring room online through website this is only the website to book online.





  64. kindly inform me that how many days in advance a retiring room can be booked against a confirm reserve ticket and may i booked a retiring room at BCT for 48 hrs continuous in one slot

  65. book my retirng room on jhansi station payment is done but room was not book plz suggest me thanks in advance

  66. Hello sir
    i have booked a retiring room at habibganj station on date 14/8/15, every thing is completed including the payment have done but i dont have recieved the confirmation msg/slip kindly suggest me what can i do for confirmation.

  67. i booked retiring room at tanjavur rly station for dec 7th.The train will arrive at 16.30 on 5th.On 7th up to what time I can stay in the retiring room?.Please reply to my email address.your early reply is highly appreciated

  68. I booked a Retiring Room for my mother and my sister PNR No. 644-2707275 at LTT on 13-07-2015 at 10a.m., but I have not got the PrintOut receipt.Will it be any problem?

  69. If i book retiring room of double bed with my PNR is it possible that my friend coming with me with different PNR can share room with me.

  70. i booked retiring room of double bed with my PNR no. is it possible that my friend who is traveling with me to the same place with valid ticket can share retiring room with me..??

  71. Earlier i had booked an e-ticket and then booked the corresponding retiring room ticket but for some reasons i had to cancel both my journey e-ticket as well as retiring room ticket. How can i get my money refunded ? Where to check for such refund made ?

  72. Hello.

    I have a plan to visit hazrat nizamuddain for a day visit on 9th of july, so I have confirmed booking tickets towards/ return as well. As par my plan I will be reaching NZM at morning 9.30am and on the same day I will be leaving NZM at night 11.00pm as per my return train is scheduled. I am thinking to book a retiring Room for me.So in this context can you kindly let me know on which.PNR number can I have to make my booking..?? And what is difference btw source /destination and source principal/destination principal.

    Can I book room at counter as soon I get down at NZM?? As for my iam trying to book it prompted with msg saying Problem while getting Pnr details.

    And I have seen that at NZM we don’t have dormitory and ac rooms?

  73. Hi,whenever I try to book a retiring room,it says “Problem while getting PNR details”. This message is displayed as soon as I enter my PNR in the textbox under the Retiring Room Cataegory and click the Search button. Any idea what’s the problem?

    • Hello Sabnam,
      It happens sometimes because of Railway’s poor Retiring Room Booking System.
      As per my knowledge Online booking for retiring room has been stopped for few days but please get it confirmed by IRCTC Customer care first.

      In mean while please share your PNR Number (send it by Live support feature only) I’ll try to book for you.


  74. I want a retiring room in Bangalore city junction railway station but I cannot book it as i am coming in the ernakulam-Bangalore Intercity express which doesn’t. have a can I get a retiring room when I reach Bangalore?

  75. Can a friend of a passenger accompany him/her to the retiring room?? If yes, then does the friend also need to keep the ID proof?

    • Nope not at all.
      Only the passenger is allowed to book the retiring room.
      They make a very clean entry in register with the passenger name, ticket number, train name, pnr number etc. So there is no chance for accompany passenger’s friend to the retiring room if he does not have valid ticket.

      does the friend also need to keep the ID proof?
      If your friend is also having a valid ticket then Yes he will also have to show his ID proof.

  76. Just wanna comment that you have an extremely nice website, I adore the style and design and it actually stands apart. Keep going and help/clear the Indians doubts related to IRCTC.

    • Thanks Anusha for your valuable feedback.
      But still i feel many more features are missing here like PNR Status check, Flight PNR Status, Latest Railway Jobs and many more which all are in my mind. Me and my developers are working on all those features and very soon We’ll avail here for you all.

  77. I have booked a ticket and a retiring room on that PNR no. I had to cancel my ticket, so will the retiring room be cancelled too??

    • Hello Sruthy,
      Nope retiring room will not be cancelled automatically instead you’ll have to cancel it.
      Below are the charges for cancelling the retiring room.
      1) Deduction of 10% on cancellation in advance of 48 hrs of the day of occupation.
      2) Deduction of 50% on cancellation within a period of less than 48 hrs to the day of occupation.
      3) Deduction of 100% on cancellation on the day of occupation.
      Passenger wise cancellation is not allowed , only Room wise cancellation is allowed.
      4) If more than one room/dormitory is booked and cancellation is being done for few room/dormitory then cancellation rule 1, 2 and 3 will be applicable for room/dormitory as per case.

  78. What

    UTS ticket user may be also book retiring rooms in A/c & non A/c.
    & doimetry room.
    Please confirm otherwise No.

    Regarding you

    • Hello Pankaj,
      The Retiring Room booking is also available on PRS/UTS/card ticket on arrival at the railway station only. In advance it is not permitted.

      Additionally booking of retiring rooms is permitted only against confirmed/RAC tickets and is not permitted against wait-listed ticket, card tickets or platform tickets.

    • Dear Sir,

      For Katpadi-retiring room online booking –it says PNR No.:- 4624546557, Slot is not Availble —–Please explain,as I fail to understand this.
      Dr Anthony Sheeran

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