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IRCTC Retiring Room Booking Procedure Online

Not many people are aware of this that what is the IRCTC Retiring room in Indian railways and how one can book it? Today I am going to explain the process for booking a retiring room online through website https://www.irctctourism.com/ this is only the website to book online.

Railway Retiring Room booking - "For booking a Retiring room you must have a booked ticket and valid PNR Number" otherwise you will not be allowed to book. The retiring room is only for the passengers not for public use like hotel rooms.

Following questions you might have to ask, I will clear everything. If still, you have any query you can post in the comment box I'll resolve your query.

What is IRCTC Retiring Room in Railway?

The retiring room is just the rooms available inside railway stations across India. This is the facility/service provided by Indian railways for passenger convenience.

How to Book IRCTC Retiring Room Online?

7 steps to book a retiring room:

Or directly click link https://www.rr.irctctourism.com/#/accommodation/in/ACBooklogin

  • Step2: Enter Your PNR Number and click on the button displayed right to it.
  • Step3: If you want to book a room at the source station then click on 'Book on Source' otherwise click on 'Book on destination' if you want to book at the destination station
  • Step4: Enter the check-in/check Outdate Bed type and type of room such as AC or Non AC.
  • Step5: If your reservation station does not show then click on either 'Book on Source Principal' or 'Book on destination Principal' accordingly.
  • Step6: Fill all the details and click on Check Availability. It will show the availability as shown below:
  • Step7: Select the Room no and Slot Duration.
  • Step8: System will redirect you to the IRCTC login page here you need to enter your registered username and password. You can select the Guest login option also if you do not have any registered account in IRCTC.
  • Step9: Select the Room for each passenger and select the ID card type and enter the number.
  • Step10: Click on the proceed button and Make the payment. You are done!!!

Take the print out of the receipt and carry it while traveling you need to show this while entering the room.

For How Long you Can Book IRCTC Retiring Room?

You can book retiring rooms for only 24 hours to 48 hours. More then this you are not allowed to keep occupying the room.

What are the Rules if Passenger Cancels the Booked Retiring Room?

  1. Deduction of 10% on cancellation in advance of 48 hrs of the day of occupation.
  2. Deduction of 50% on cancellation within a period of fewer than 48 hrs to the day of occupation.
  3. Deduction of 100% on cancellation on the day of occupation.
  4. Passenger wise cancellation is not allowed, only Room wise cancellation is allowed.
  5. If more than one room/dormitory is booked and cancellation is being done for a few room/dormitory then cancellation rules 1, 2 and 3 will be applicable for room/dormitory as per the case.

Which Type of Retiring Rooms is Available Till Date?

They are available in Single bedroom, Double bedroom and Dormitory type with AC and Non AC also. The main difference between all those is only rent.

Below are the images of different types of retiring rooms:

Single bed Room:

Double bed Room:

Dormitory Room Image:

How Many People a Room is?

Room Accommodation rule are below please must read:

  • For the single passenger, one Room (single bed) or One Room (double bed) or One Bed in the Dormitory. The dormitory is a common hall where many beds are available to book there is common Let/Bath to use for all people.
  • For two passengers, One Room with double bed or Two Bed in Dormitory can be taken up.
  • For three passengers, One Room with double bed + One Room with a single bed or Three Bed in the Dormitory.
  • For four passengers, Two Rooms with Double bed or Four beds in the Dormitory.
  • For five passengers, Two Rooms with double beds or Five beds in the Dormitory.
  • For Six passengers, Two Rooms with Double Bed or Six beds in the Dormitory.

What About Extension Charges for IRCTC Retiring Room?

If you book a room in a single transaction for more than 24 hours in slots 12+24,24+12 and 24+24 then the second slot as an extension of booking of the first slot and 25% extra tariff of the second slot you will have to pay i.e.

Service Tax in Retiring Room Booking?

A service tax of @12.36% of the tariff of the room/bed will be charged to you.

How IRCTC Takes Service Charges?

For a Retiring Room - Up to 24 hours Rs. 20 and from 24 hours to 48 hours Rs. 40

For a Dormitory Bed - Up to 24 hours Rs. 10 and from 24 hours to 48 hours Rs. 20

Few Other Questions are Here: FAQ

Que1. Can I book Retiring Room for a waitlisted ticket?

- No, for waitlisted ticket booking can not be done. A retiring room can be booked only for RAC and Confirmed tickets.

Que2. Can I change the name later after booking a retiring room?

- No, you can not change the name later.

Que3. If I have booked retiring online so can I cancel it at the retiring room counter?

- No, if you have booked a retiring room online then you can not cancel it at the retiring room counter at the railway station. But in case of any technical issue, the irctc tourism website is down and unable to cancel it then cancellation is allowed in the retiring room counter.

Que4. Can I cancel the retiring room after check-in?

- No, Before check-in only you can cancel the room. After entering a room you can not cancel it.

Que5. Is id proof required during check-in?

- Yes, it is mandatory to show id proof while check-in. Without ID proof you are can not make an entry in the register.

Que6. How many beds I can book in 1 PNR?

Please note, One booking per PNR is applicable, But if 4 passengers are there in one PNR then 4 beds you can book.

Have a look at below image for quick View of the FAQ:

Still, Help Required?

For any assistance with regard to the retiring room, please contact "May I Help You Booth" at the stations or Station Manager/Dy. Station Superintendent and for booking and cancellation related issues please contact below:

Email ID: retiringroom@irctc.co.in
Phone No: 1800110139 You can call/mail us between 10 am to 6 pm (Mon-Sat)

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  • Sir, I was about to travel to Chennai on 14 Apr 2020 from Pune. I had booked a retiring room online on 04 Mar 2020 for 15 Apr 2020 at Chennai, Egmore. Today I received a message from IRCTC that the said train which I was supposed to travel is cancelled.Can my Retiring Room Booking amount of Rs. 808/- will be transferred to my Bank Account automatically. What is the procedure? Kindly guide me.

  • hi,

    I have booked retiring room online against PNR 8713340034 for NDLS station, amount has been deducted from my account however i have not received the confirmation for this booking.

    please proivde the details or give me the option to check the details online.

  • unable to book online for retiring rooms in Hyderabad from Chennai. is it possible to book offline.

    • Yes. You will have to walk to railway station to book. In few cities online booking is stopped.

  • Sir, My train is at 23:50 hrs. I want to book room in 08:00-20:00 hrs slot but I will reach station at 14:00 hrs. Will my booking cancel if I don't reach at time? Please reply. Thank you !

  • Hello sir ,

    I have been desperately trying to book a retiring room at chennai central , I think it's failing due to payment transaction mode . Card transaction not working ,they dont have my bank in their list for net banking , :( . Please let me know whether I can book offline at Delhi Railway station.

    Thank you.

    You are doing a wonderful job . I really appreciate.