How to Reset IRCTC Username and Password

How to Reset IRCTC Login Username & Password

It is very natural that we often forget the user ID and password of our IRCTC account. While there are many frequent travelers amongst you, some of you hardly use it in the case of necessity. It’s not just about irctc, but with every website and even our regularly used email accounts we tend to forget the password. So, how to reset the IRCTC login and / or password?

First thing, you cannot reset the IRCTC login details i,e change your username or login ID to the respective email ID you registered. It is a one-time registration and not possible to change the username. Simply, IRCTC username (for the given email ID) is like your PAN number which cannot be changed or used again. You can recover the lost or forgotten username and password.

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How to Reset IRCTC Username

There are a few simple options available to reset the user name of your IRCTC account.

Best solution to Reset Your Username is Your email account:

Yes, This method will help you find your username only if you haven’t deleted the emails in the past.

You have an active email account used to register with IRCTC. If you haven’t changed the IRCTC email account, then try this option and below steps:

  1. Login to your email account you used to register with email ID.
  2. Use the search bar and type IRCTC username / IRCTC (or Search for "ticketadmin@irctc.co.in")
  3. You will see a list of emails / email notifications from IRCTC
  4. Now check for the mail you received when you register your account with IRCTC.
  5. It is like a ‘welcome email’ from IRCTC and you will find your user name.

Did you get your username right? Nooo, then move on to next 2 steps.

Step1: Mock Signup to find the username

This is rather a simple trick you can use to retrieve the lost username. Do a mock signup using the same email ID you registered with IRCTC.

  1. Go to IRCTC site and choose SIGNUP option.
  2. You will get the signup display screen. Don’t get panic about seeing the lengthy screen with a lot of boxes to fill. All you have to do is fill some random text.
  3. Don’t bother about giving accuracy. You can even give some random numbers in the mobile number page.
  4. Enter the username (anything as given in the above picture)
  5. Just as illustrated in the above picture, enter anything you like in the requisite fields.
  6. After you submit the form, you will receive the alert message in RED text. ‘The email ID is already registered with the USER ID XXXXXXX.

And that’s your user ID.

If step1 did not work then move to step2-

Step2: Send an Email to Customer Care

If you cannot retrieve your User ID, send an email to IRCTC customer care.

Send an email detailing your request to care@irctc.co.in stating ‘Request to reset of username.’

Mention the registered mobile number, date of birth and your name in the email requesting them to retrieve the username. In 2 to 4 days, you will receive the mail carrying the username.

Caution: When you cannot reset or recover your IRCTC username?

If you haven’t used or accessed your account (need not be for booking tickets) for more than 6 months, IRCTC will automatically disable your account. You cannot retrieve the same account. Register for a new account, still you cannot use the same User ID.

If you cannot reset your username, you need a new email and new mobile number to register for a new IRCTC account. You cannot create multiple user IDs in the same email.

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How to Reset IRCTC Password

Resetting IRCTC password is not something unfamiliar. Almost every IRCTC user does it at some time or other. Changing the password often is a healthy practice to protect your account from being hacked. What to do when you forgot your password or would like to reset IRCTC Password?

1. Check Your Mail

If you haven’t changed your IRCTC password that is sent to you while you registered, check the registered email to get the password.

Upon successful registration, you would have received the email as given above. Try to retrieve the welcome email from IRCTC.

2. Reset IRCTC Password Through IRCTC Portal


First, go to IRCTC website. In the homepage / login page, you generally enter the username and password, followed by captcha. Check the below image, where the ‘forgot password’ option is circled in green.

Click the option and you will be directed to a new page.

Step2: As per the above image, enter your user ID of the irctc account for which you would like to reset the password and click proceed button.

Step3: After entering the username, you will be directed to a new page where you should answer the security question.

Step3: You should know the right answer to the security question to reset your password. As given in the above picture, enter the answer to the question and click submit button. The security question and the answer were chosen by you during the registration of IRCTC account. It is mandatory that you should answer security question correct.

Step4: After entering the right answer, you will receive a confirmation message stating that the new password has been sent to your email address registered with IRCTC account. Check your email and use the password received in your mail.

You can log in to your account using the irctc user ID and the new password you received.


Que1: How to Reset Password if You Don’t Know Answer to Security Question

Ans: It happens sometimes that you also forgot the answer to the security question which is crucial to reset your password. If you don’t answer the security question correctly, the above-stated method won’t work to reset IRCTC password.

Obviously, this question comes, ‘is there any alternate way to reset password without security questions?’

Trick1: Request OTP

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset your password without answering the security questions, but you can log in to the site.

In the above image, you have an option, request OTP and click that checkbox in the login box. You will receive the OTP – one-time password to login on your mobile (registered with IRCTC user ID). This password can be used only once, but you can sign in and do the transactions easily.

Trick2: Send an Email to Customer Care

Send an email to customer care from the registered email ID requesting to reset IRCTC password. Give details about your user ID and registered mobile number, stating that you couldn’t reset the password by answering the security questions. You will receive a reply in 2 to 4 days carrying new password.

It is recommended to change the default password sent by IRCTC with a new password of your choice.

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    Thank you for the nice detailed article on how to reset irctc login. It is very informative and useful. I forgot my user id & password, So i tried the steps suggested above to find out my user id, by entering my email id and all others info requested by the site. I was expecting to receive the alert message in RED text. ‘The email ID is already registered with the USER ID XXXXXXX.’

    However, i only get this message in red text: "E-mail Address already in use"

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