Seat Availability In Train

To Check Seat Availability In Train Click Here

Checking the seat availability is very easy and convenient now a days.
If you remember then few years back checking the seat availability in train was very hard because indian railway telephones were available for train enquiry but very few people had telephones in their home, Internet was also not popular and cheap in order to check seat availability in train.

But now people are very familiar with internet and they have Internet in their mobile too, having the internet in mobile is very very convenient to them as many websites are available to check the seat availability in train which all they can visit to check seat availability in train is one of them.

To check the seat availability in train please click here and perform the below mentioned steps to get the correct seat availability information in selected train.

1. First you need to Click here  Below form will be shown just have a look.

seat availability in train search form

2. Enter the From station and To station name.

3. Select the Class type which you want Sleeper, AC etc.
4. Select the Journey date from date picker.
5. Now select the departure, Arrival time, Train type if you know otherwise leave it as it is. Those are optional fields so do not worry it will stop you to go ahead.
6. Now select One Way option and click on Get Details button.

Below page will be displayed please have a look.

seat availability in train

7. Now select the train for which you want to check seat availability.

8. After selecting one train click on Get Availability button to get seat availability in train (for the selected train in step 7)
Note: One alert message can be displayed, just click on Ok button.

9. Its all done. Seat availability in train for selected train is available now. Have a look at below example screenshot.

10. If you want to see availability for Next 6 days then simply click on Get Next 6 Days Availability button.

Indian Railways Seat Availability In Trains