What is TDR Means in IRCTC ? How To File TDR? TDR Full Form

What is tdr in irctc, How To File TDR in new IRCTC website Online? Hi, Friends as we discussed a few days back How to Book Train Ticket online & How to cancel Tatkal Ticket Online previously, today we are going to learn something about What is TDR.

What is tdr in irctc

TDR Full Form is  ‘Ticket Deposit Receipt‘ IRCTC has launched a new service to file TDR  in IRCTC online. No need to go to the railway station in person and filling of the form etc just need to login into the IRCTC website and you can easily file TDR .to claim a refund of your ticket.
TDR is basically for the people who did not travel by train they booked the ticket.

IRCTC TDR Rules | TDR Refund Rules for E-Ticket 

As announced by Indian Railway defines few IRCTC TDR rules to file TDR Online if the below condition is met:

  1. The train is Canceled By Railways
  2. The train is running Late by More than Three hours And Passenger Not Traveled
  3. The difference of fare in case proper coach not attached
  4. Train AC Failure
  5. Passenger is Traveled without proper ID proof
  6. Wrongly charged by TTE
  7. Party partially traveled
  8. Passenger Not traveled

In any one of the above cases, a passenger is allowed to take benefit of the TDR filing facility and getting a decent refund amount of the ticket they booked.

IRCTC TDR Rules For i-Ticket

  • Customers are requested to surrender the I-Ticket with the Station Master and obtain a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) within 30 days from the date of scheduled travel.
  • Send your claim for refund to the following address attaching the original copy of the TDR to

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
1st Floor, Internet Ticketing Centre
IRCA Building, State Entry Road
New Delhi 110055.

Note: Online refund request is not allowed for i-ticket

In the case of i-ticket The TDR Refund will be processed as per Extant Railway Rules:

  • IRCTC will forward the claim to Concerned Railways to process the refund and money of refund amount will be credited back to the same account through which payment was made after receiving the same from the concerned Railways.

When Can we File TDR?

E-ticket refund requests can be filed only after chart preparation. You will have to wait until the final chart is not prepared. The final chart is usually prepared 30 minutes before the train departure time from the source station.

How to File TDR?

The customers are requested to use the online TDR Filing & Status tracking service provided by IRCTC.

  • Select the “File TDR” Link in the left panel under the “My Transactions” menu for filing TDR online.
  • Now IRCTC will forward the claim to Concerned Railways to process the refund and money of refund amount will be credited back to the same account through which payment was made after receiving the same from the concerned Railways.
  • In the case of e-ticket, the refund is processed by the Refund Office of the Zonal Railways in whose jurisdiction the destination station of the rain falls.
  • Online File TDR option is not available for Agent if ticket booked through Agent the refund request should route through Agent only.
  • Whenever Agents received such a request from their customers they are required to send a mail to etickets@irctc.co.in containing the following details.

Required Ticket Details to File TDR in IRCTC:

    • PNR Number
    • Transaction Id
    • Train Number
    • From/To Station
    • Date of Journey

Required Passenger Details to File TDR:

    • Passenger Name
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Reason for Filing TDR


IRCTC will forward the claim to Concerned Railways to process the refund and money of refund amount will be credited back to the same account through which payment was made after receiving the same from the concerned Railways. For any other clarifications please mail to etickets@irctc.co.in

How to File TDR in the new IRCTC Website?

Steps to file the TDR on the new IRCTC website

  • Go to My Transaction->Booked Ticket history
  • Select the ticket for which you want to file TDR
  • Click on transaction id there you will get one button to file the TDR
  • Click on this File the TDR button.

How to File TDR for Tatkal Ticket?

No refund will be granted on the cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules.

Partial cancellation of Tatkal e-tickets is allowed but at least one passenger with an ID card printed on ERS/VRM should not be canceled. On cancellation of all the passengers whose ID card details are printed on ERS/VRM, all the passengers on that e-ticket will be canceled.

IRCTC Service Charges for I-Ticket –

The service charge levied is not Refundable.

Sleeper Class/Second Class (SL/2S) Rs.40/- per ticket plus service Tax
Higher Class (1AC,2AC,3AC,CC,3E,FC) Rs.60/- per ticket plus service Tax

IRCTC Service Charges for E-Ticket (Service charge levied is not Refundable)

Class Service Charge
Sleeper Class/Second Class (SL/2S) Rs.10/- per ticket plus service Tax
Higher Class (1AC,2AC,3AC,CC,3E,FC) Rs.20/- per ticket plus service Tax

Refund Rules for Reservation Failed Transaction

If the amount getting debited from the customer account and the ticket is not issued, IRCTC will refund the entire Fare and IRCTC service charges electronically (as the credit to the relevant credit /debit card account used for the transaction), but the bank/card transaction charges are likely to be forfeited.

IRCTC’s payment reconciliation team works on a 24 x 7 basis, IRCTC offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds reaching the Customers card/bank accounts.

This is on account of the multiplicity of organizations involved in the processing of online transactions, the problems with Internet infrastructure currently available, and the working days/holidays of financial institutions.

The amount deducted is based on the time of cancellation and the status of your ticket. Detailed explanations are given below:-

For cancellation of the confirmed ticket less than four hours before the scheduled departure of the train and up to the prescribed time limits as mentioned below, after actual departure of the train, the cancellation charges will be 50% of the fare paid by you, subject to flat minimum cancellation charges for each class.

The Distance of Journey Time limits for cancellation after the departure of the train.
Up to 200 Kms. 3 Hrs.
From 201 Km. To 500 Kms. 6 Hrs.
Over 500 Kms. 12 Hrs.

For cancellation of RAC/Waitlisted tickets up to the prescribed time limits, the full refund of fare will be given, after deducting the clerkage charges per passenger.

If Train running Late by More than 3 hours And Passenger Not Travelled:-

In case of train running late by more than three hours & the passenger not performing journey on this account, a full refund is permitted subject to the condition that the ticket is surrendered/TDR obtained in case of I-ticket, if is in E-ticket customer should file online/mail to IRCTC within the prescribed time limits.

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  2. I have booked ticket from Hyd to Nagarsol ajantha exp.my plan got cancelled after chart preparation.when I am cancelling I am getting no refund will b given.I that case can I file tdr for passenger not travelled. Will I get money back

  3. Dear Sir

    I booked a ticket on 01.12.2016 to be board for 22.01.2017 from Chennai to Tirunelveli but due to Jallikattu issue in tamilnadu I got message from railway the train will be not be reached at Tirunelveli train will be reached upto Madurai only after that I discussed with railway customer care ( 139 ) he informed me the train is cancelled so you file the TDR as per he’s instruction I filled TDR on the same day ( 22.01.2017 ) but now my TDR status is showing – TDR REPUDIATE.

    Request you to please resolve the below issue immediately and refund the amount immediately

    PNR NO – 4538603434 – TDR Status showing – TDR REPUDIATE

    PNR NO – 4846224678 – TDR Status showing – TDR ENTERED

    Thanks & Regards




  5. Due to train will running late more than 3 hours i have filled TDR on January 1st 2016. Departure date is 02/01/2016 at 7:05 am. But train is late more than 25 hours.
    Total fare is 555/- I have received only Rs 275. Why?????? I think i have eligible for full refund…

  6. If I am unable to travel in my connecting train due to late running of first train,can I travel in another train with same ticket…if not can I get refund for it ??

  7. Dear Sir we are 5 person for travel and journey date is 4-1-2017 can i file Tdr today or not??? If not when we file tdr as per railway rule…

  8. I cancel my ticket of saheed express which is a sleeper coz train is running late by more than 13 hours. My ticket was confirmed. When I was trying to cancel it was telling that ticket cannot be canceled as chart has already been prepared so please file a tdr so i filed accordingly with reason train late more than 3 hours. How much money will I get back after this cancelling of ticket through tdr. Kindly reply soon.

  9. I have filed TDR by mistake. I want to cancel it.. Can I travel for the same PNR as I have not received any communication regarding TDR accepted or not. They just said TDR recrived by them.

  10. Hi,
    I booked train ticket on November 9th, with ticket total price above 5k rs.
    And on Nov 8th, PM Modi ji announced suspension of 500 and 1000 rs note.

    Now, I want to cancel my ticket and make a new one ( for same destination and same date of arrival).
    Can someone please guide, how the cancellation process will work in this case.

    Thank you.

  11. hi I booked a tatkal 3A ticket from chennai to thrissur dated on 23/09/2016 it cost around 1350 rs .but the train is diverted to some where and its been late on around 8 hrs .actual train arrival time in chennai is 23.50 . Then I filed a TDR @ 2.00 am 24/09/2016. filed with the reason of train delayed by more than 3hrs and passenger not travel. Any amount refund to me? When it get?

  12. I have filed TDR by mistake. I want to cancel it.. Can I travel for the same PNR as I have not received any communication regarding TDR accepted or not. They just said TDR recrived by them.

  13. I have 5 tickets booked, and i need to cancel 2 tickets. I am not able to cancel as the chart is already prepared. In this case can i file TDR only for 2 tickets?

  14. Sir I TDR file for my tatkal ticket Ptana to ndls train late more than 4hour on 03/09/16 so my money back in account ? Or not

  15. Due to the train derailment in angamaly my train is delayed by more than 4 hours. It has not yet started from its originating station yet. So the delay could be more. I booked a flight tkt nd cancelled the train tkt filing TDR citing reason…train delayed by more than 4 hours nd passenger could not travel. How much will I be refunded nd by when?

  16. We have booked Tatkal tickets for Bangalore Express 16525 for 2 passengers. 1 ticket was confirmed while the other one is in CKWL/33. Not sure why it is CKWL/33 instead of CKWL/1 or 2.

    I am unable to cancel the ticket as the train has already departed from the origin station. When I try to file tdr, it says
    “TDR filing is allowed after charting/train departure “.

    What needs to be done now. Not sure. Please help me out.

    • When i am trying to cancel the ticket it is saying

  17. My ticket was in Ac 2 tier but ac 2 tier was not attached so i travelled in Ac 3 Tier .I TDR filed on IRCTC web site .but TT given me hand written certificate but i do not know address to where it should be sent.pls give me address so that i can send the certificate.

  18. Sir
    i booked a ticket in waiting list on 02/08/2016 and later cancelled it on 08/08/2016. (PNR,
    8749735249,) the train was scheduled to travel on 20/08/2016. Its 15th today and the Amt of 1830 is still not refunded in my account. should i file a TDR?

  19. PNR: 2648285242
    Date: 08-07-2016
    I was trying to cancel the ticket in the morning however it said that the chart had already been prepared. Hence I called the irctc helpline. They told me that I need to file TDR. However, since then I tried to file the TDR through the app as well as the site but nothing worked out. Please help.

  20. My ticket is confirmed ticket. Chart has been prepared, I could not travel today. So I am trying to file TDR, but could not do it. It shows TDR allowed before 4 hours of Scheduled Departure of the train for CNF.
    what to do now ?

    Please suggest me something.

  21. I cancel my ticket of lichchhwi express which is a sleeper before 10 hours before the departure. My ticket was confirmed. When I was trying to cancel it was telling that ticket cannot be canceled as chart has already been prepared so please file a tdr so in file accordingly. How much money will I get back after this cancelling of ticket through tdr. Kindly reply soon.

    • It depends on the reason you have given during Filing a TDR. Please share which reason you have selected ?

      And please Note: Actually ticket should have been cancelled before chart preparation time.
      To know about chart preparation timing please click here
      To know about cancellation charges if you cancel before chart preparation time please click here

  22. Hello,
    I booked a e-ticket(TATKAL) on 24th April’ 16, it was confirmed, but the train got delayed for more than 3 hours & didn’t travel. So, I filed TDR for the same with the reason “Train running Late by More than Three hours And Passenger Not Traveled”. Currently the TDR status shows “CR Registered”. I havn’t yet received any refund. Could you please help me clarify if it is valid for refund & if yes then how much time it could take?

  23. Reason For TDR: Passenger Unable to Travel Due to Wrong Departure Time Updated in PRS System.
    status cr registered
    how much time will it take to resolve
    and whats d expectency dat i will receive it or not as ticket is booked in tatkal quota

  24. Sir i was booked a tatkal ticket(e ticket) for the Train No./Name: 12261 / HOWRAH DURONTO for Date of Journey: 26-May-2016 From: NAGPUR (NGP) To: HOWRAH JN (HWH) Class: THIRD AC (3A) and the train got late for more than 3 hours so sir i filed a TDR in this case as i didn’t wanted to travel because i wouldn’t be reaching my destination at the expected time bcs i have Flight schedule on same day at 00:05 27-May-2016 from Kolkata to Bangkok so not possible to reach on time for my flight schedule and i filled TDR ….Please help to provide appropriate resolution with refund amount asap.

    Pls check details

    Booked Ticket History
    Last Transaction Detail
    Transaction ID: 100000515768642 PNR No 8535000185 Train No./Name: 12261 / HOWRAH DURONTO
    Date of Journey: 26-May-2016 Date Of Boarding: 26-May-2016 Class: THIRD AC (3A)
    From: NAGPUR (NGP) To: HOWRAH JN (HWH) Boarding: NAGPUR (NGP)
    Resv Upto: HOWRAH JN (HWH) Quota: TATKAL (CK) Ticket Type: E-ticket

    Passenger Details
    SL No. Name Age Gender Berth Preference Food Choice Concession Status
    1 Bhimarao Gahane 48 Male NO CHOICE NON VEG TDR Entered
    2 Anand Parshuramk 46 Male NO CHOICE VEG TDR Entered
    3 Sunil Kapgate 46 Male NO CHOICE VEG TDR Entered
    4 Vinayak Lanjewar 38 Male NO CHOICE NON VEG TDR Entered
    Payment Details
    Payment Option:HDFC Bank
    Ticket Charge:9100.0 Service Charge:45.8 Total:9145.8

  25. Hi
    I have filed TDR request and current status says CR Registered
    TDR Filing Date: 29-Apr-2016 13:18:50 HRS
    TDR Status CR Registered
    Cancellation ID: 100000100459105
    Registration No: 206160500567

    Its almost one month, i have not received any refund on this request. Can you please clarify..


  26. I had booked an eticket from chennai to kyankulam in trivandram mail(24/5/2016) .
    But I missed that train( trivandram mail ) at chennai because connecting train(suvidha special,kolkata to chennai) was late by 4 hours. Will I get any refund?Please clarify in detail.

  27. Instead of I have to travel 2nd Class Ac A1 from Chennai to Cuddapah unfortunately I have been allotted 3rd Ac so I have to get refund because of the class variance in travel. Details of my ticket number

    Train No: 11042/Mumbai Express
    PNR No: 4319939356
    Transaction ID : 100000513542930
    Boarding at : Chennai Central
    To: Cuddapah
    Date & Time of Boarding : 24-05-2016, 11.55AM
    Name: G.N.Prasad, G.K.Devi

  28. I have booked 4 Tatkal E-tickets in online , but only 1 ticket got confirmed other 3 tickets are not confirmed(Tatkal W/L) after chart prepared. The confirm ticket person traveled, but other 3 persons are not traveled.
    When can I get refund to my account. What is the procedures for the same.
    Journey date was 18th may 2016, and I was not aware of TDR procedure, So I did not claim anything. till today I did not get any refund amount for 3 tatkal waiting list person.

    Ticket – E- Ticket
    My PNR number – 8147472345
    Transaction Id – 100000510594626
    DOJ – 18-May-2016

  29. Dear Sir,
    We were having confirmed tickets for 3 family members. We could not travelled by the train due to personal reason. The Train No. is : 12164 ; PNR No. is : 4418250482; Boarding at : Chennai Egmore (MS) ; Date of travel is ; 22 May 2016. Reservation up to ; Dadar (DR); Departure time is ; 06:50 hrs on 22/05/2016. I tried to cancell the tickets many times, but was not successful due to internet problem. Is it possible to file TDR now or No ? please advise me soon.

    with regards from,
    Pandurangaiah D

  30. Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Traveled.
    TDR Filing Date: 11-Apr-2016 15:26:20 HRS
    TDR Status CR Registered
    Cancellation ID: 100000097631035
    Registration No: 215160401035

    Its already 21st May, when can i get the refund?? and what is CR Registered and how many days will it still take? any idea? how can i follow up with IRCTC?

  31. I have booked an tatkal tckt which was in waitlist…after chart preparation ..it is also in ckwl ….so will the amount refund automatically or i have to file an tdr??

    please reply soon..

  32. I filled online TDR in Feb 2016 . Reason was train diverted and not touching the journey station. How much time They will take to refund my amount.

  33. As I have filed TDR in the year 2011 but not received refund from railways even after continuous follow up.

    The reason was the train cancelled due to Gujjar strike en-route hence travel could not be made.

    The amount involved is Rs.3300/- but not refunded by railways even after continuous follow up and not received any letter from railways. The reason of not refunding the amount is not known by me.

    Please intervene in the matter and inform if there is any ways to get the refund.

    Your kind co-operation is highly appreciated.


    Reji Yohannan

  34. sir i booked a tatkal confirm ticket in Capital Xpress but train was late by 5 hrs. I filed the tdr now will i get any amount of money.

  35. Sir my pnr no is 6151271434. Today i have cancelled my journey due to illness.i was filed TDR before 5 hours the train arriving the station. TDR reason is “passenger not travelled” .how much money can i get?

  36. Sir I’ve filed a Tdr before 4 hours from the scheduled departure.. The reason given was ” passenger did no travelled”
    Will I get any refund.. It was a confirmed ticket of AC 3.. Thanks


  38. sir i have filed my TDR on the same day of departure of train after 1 hour . can i get my refund ?? my PNR NUMBER IS 4837419980 . KINDLY PLEASE HELP ME OUT. I AM UNABLE FIND ANY UPDATES REGARDING IT.


  39. maine aaj he mumbai to delhi ka w/31 cancell kiya hai jo ticket maine tatkal me aaj subh he liya tha……
    or uske cofurme nahe hone pe cancell kiya …..sleepar ke 2 tickets hai…
    1500 value hai ….
    waiting ticket cancell karne pe kitna cut hoga or kitna mujhe melega…plz tell me…


  41. Sir I have WL10 COUNTER ticket and now train late approx 7 hr ….so its impossible to travel after 7 hr ..what can I do …station master said meet to me morning ..

    • Go and fill cancellation form, mention reason as Train is late more than 4 hours from your boarding station. You are eligible to get 100% refund amount.

      First confirm how many hours train is late from your boarding station if it is more than 4 hours then only you are eligible for 100% refund.

  42. I am unable to understand the wording of TDR rules:

    “No refund of fare shall be admissible on the
    ticket having confirmed reservation in case
    ticket is not cancelled or TDR not filed online
    upto four hours before the scheduled departure
    of the train”

    In the above text, the word ‘before’ should be ‘after’ right? Why would anyone file TDR before departure of the train? Help me decode the rule as it is written.

  43. Sir I have booked an eticket and the status was waiting list 14 so I tried to book through tatkal service and I got a confirmed tatkal ticket so after that I want to cancel my W/L ticket but it also got confirmed so I have filed tdr with the reason that passenger not travelled. Is it Ok and how much will be refunded?
    DOJ 18/04/2016
    Tdr filling date 17/04/2016

    • For reason “Passenger Not Traveled” any amount refund priority is just 5%.

      You should always give “Seat/Coach was damaged” the chances of refund amount (50% of fare only) is 70%.

  44. Sir, I have booked train 4 tickets from tirupur to tirupati but only one have confirmed balance 3 was in WL after chart prepared so we 4 of them have not travelled and TDR has been filed prior before 2 hours from train starts for entire tickets booked. Whether i could know fully refunded for 4 tickets (1 confirmed and 3 WL) PNR NO: 4318828919

  45. I have booked a tatkal ticket in 3AC from BRC to KUR for Journey date 10/04/2016.
    However, during chart preparation its status was CKWL/4 for which I could not travel.
    Whether the ticket will be automatically cancelled by IRCTC and refund to my A/C or, I have to file TDR.
    Kindly Inform.

    • It is a eTicket or Counter ticket?

      If counter ticket then you should have cancelled it manually.
      If it is eTicket then Automatic cancellation will be done no need to do anything.

  46. Dear sir,
    I had booked my 3-AC e-ticket on 26th of march 2016 with two ticket of CKWL/1 & CKWL/2 waiting,after chart prepared it get confirmed with only 1 ticket and another get remains in waiting list .So i didn’t get my refund amount of that ticket.
    Kindly please its request to you refund my amount as soon as possible.

    Thanking You!

    PNR No: 6150627413
    Transaction ID: 100000468980689
    Date Of Journey:26-Mar-2016

  47. Sir. I have cancelled my e ticket on 20/03/2016 ..which were for travelling date 28may and29 may 2016.. But not get refund … What should I do …

    • Dear sir… Here are details of cancelation ..but not get refund amount in my account…….
      1.Your tkt Cancelled. PNR 2543707993,Amt.585 will be refunded in your account.
      2.Your tkt Cancelled. PNR 2760790485,Amt.585 will be refunded in your account.
      so sir help me to refund my amount in my account…
      Shailendra kumar

    • When exactly you got that message? If you got on same day that is 20th March 2016 then please let me know.

      TDR refund process usually takes 7-9 days maximum.
      if it is eTicket then you can check Refund status online by going into TDR History tab.
      Check TDR Status

  48. Hello
    I have booked my ticket on dec 2016 and my journey date was 19 march 2016 but due to some isuue train was late for 10 hr i had not travel for the same and i had file Tdr but till time i am not received my money. Please help me and suggest.

    • Hey Anand,
      TDR Refund process takes 7-9 Working days (excluding Sunday). Please wait for 2-3 days more and check refunded amount.

  49. Hi, I booked a ticket online in tatkal quota and it got confirmed. Later on my plans got changed and now if i wanted to file TDR online. So will i get any refund? if yes, then how much

  50. i have booked ticket from new delhi to bhopal. then i cancelled same day before four hours, from the depature the train , so please can me confirm how many days for the refund my same account,

    • Refund process takes 7-9 days maximum. If you do not get your amount into local bank account then you can file an online complain.

  51. I have booked the ticket for 18th MARCH 2016 from INDORE to SURAT.Unfortunately i am unable to catch the train and unable to travelled the train.When i try to file the TDR with selected reason as “passenger not travelled”.But when i submit the TDR request i am getting message like
    “TDR allowed before 4 hours of Scheduled Departure of the train for CNF.”

    Could you please help me whether I was able to file TDR or not?

  52. I have booked 2 tickets 3AC From Trivandrum to Chennai, on 01st January 2016 for the journey on 02-Jan-2016.

    Initially both the ticket was on waiting list having 3 and 4. Out of this only one ticket got confirmed and the other one was waiting list even after preparation of chart. Finally the confirmed person traveled thinking that the fare of other will automatically get refunded. After reaching Chennai I enquired with IRCTC and they have directed me to file TDR for refund of fare.

    Within another 5 to 7 days I got a message stating that that the claim has been repudiated for want certificate from TTE to effect that the other passenger has not traveled.

    I again contacted IRCTC official over phone to state the due to this flimsy reason my claim should not be rejected and it should be taken up to higher level for resolving the issue. On that basis on 23-Feb-2016 they have taken up the claim with ECRC (Enhanced Coaching Refund System. Any how claim is still pending Please expedite the Refund at the earliest…

    — Transaction ID: 100000399251741
    — Train No./Name: 22208/SUPER AC EXP
    — PNR No 4835451135
    — Cancellation ID: 100000084143007
    — Registration No: 206160204088

  53. Is it necessary to file TDR for a confirmed e-ticket incase the train is cancelled? I have noticed that the ticket’s status gets cancelled by itself in irctc, but want to know if TDR has to be filed for getting a refund?

    Any information about the same would be appreciated.

    • Hello,

      In case of Waitlisted ticket, does one have to file a TDR explicitly to seek refund? Or does it get cancelled and the refund get processed by itself?
      Further, I guess there is a possibility of a waitlisted ticket to get confirmed after chart preparation. In that case, the final status of the passenger’s ticket is anyway not available online, thereby making it difficult for the passenger. In such a scenario, how does a passenger even know whether his ticket is still waitlisted (in which case automatic cancellation of ticket will happen) or whether his ticket is confirmed at the very last minute (in which case, he might have to file a TDR to seek a refund)?

    • 1) Automatic Cancellation:
      In case if you have Waitlisted e-Ticket then it will automatically be cancelled after Final Train Chart Preparation Time because Waitlisted e-ticket become inValid and you can not travel.

      2) Manual Cancellation: No Automation
      In case of counter waitlisted ticket you may wait until final chart preparation there after you need to walk to the counter window for cancelling it but please note if you have counter waitlisted ticket then it is Valid one and you can travel also.

      3) You can file TDR only after final chart preparation and it should be filed within 3 hours of train departure time.

      Note: If your train is cancelled then no need to file TDR in both the cases it will cancel automatically and refund will be processed. No need to do anything just sit back.


  54. I have filed TDR for my partially confirmed e-ticket before 6 hrs of actual departure of train from the boarding station. I got the status of my TDR as partially repudiated. But I have not received any refund till date even after a lapse of more than 3 months of filing TDR. As per current refund rules I am entitled for refund of full fare(Rule 8 of Refund Rules 2015). Now the status has also been omitted from my IRCTC account. What are the options for me. Please suggest. Whether I can wright to any railway authority, if so please provide me postal or online address.

  55. TDR claim against PNR no 6141436604 is still pending for balance 50% payment which is already 210 days old filled. Please provide some clear the payment asap.

    Pannkaj taxali

  56. My train is cancelled. When I filing the TDR for e-ticket,in Reason for TDR , train cancelled option is not given. Which option I will select please guide.

    • Train cancelled option should be there. If its not there you can mention “Train is late”. In both the cases you are eligible to get 100% refund.

  57. Hi,
    I booked the E-ticket and my ticket was in waiting list and did not confirmed. Do I need to file the TDR or the funds will be refunded directly to my account.

    Please help.

    • Hello Basavaraj,
      No need to file TDR Eticket if does not get confirmed, it gets cancelled automatically.
      Wait for next 6 days your amount will be refunded into your bank account.

  58. I have booked the ticket for 11 th feb 2016 from nellore to secundrabad.Unfortunately i am unable to catch the train and unable to travelled the train.When i try to file the TDR with selected reason as “passenger not travelled”.But when i submit the TDR request i am getting message like
    “TDR allowed before 4 hours of Scheduled Departure of the train for CNF.”

    Could you please help me whether I was able to file TDR or not?

    Train Details:
    PNR Number:4416655205
    Train name:12709/SIMHAPURI EXP

    • TDR can be filed within 4 hours from the train departs at railway station.
      Sorry to say that you are not allowed to get your money back.


  59. Sir, we would like to book 35-40 Tickets from Delhi to Salem(Tamil Nadu) on 28/05/2015. Hence we need your assistance towards booking of tickets in same single coach. Kindly reply and advice us.

  60. Dear Sir,
    I have booked a ticket from RMU to ALD for Haridhwar express on 7th Nov, 2015 and Date of Journey was 20th Nov, 2015. For reason train delayed more than 3 hours and the passenger has not traveled, I filled the TDR for the same in IRCTC against my ticket and the status was turned to CR Registered, but the amount was not refunded yet. I am not sure what else I might be missing to get amount refunded. Please let me know what I can do further or else you can drop a mail to amarshukla252@gmail.com Ticket details: DO Transaction :- 7th Nov, 2015. PNR Number :- 2411648624 Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled.
    Kindly request you pl give me status of our TDR AS

    Amar Shukla

  61. Suresh Prabhu​ Sir i booked a tatkal ticket(e ticket) for the train number 12702 for date -27/01/16 from hyderabad to mumbai(CSTM) COACH-B1,BERTH-53 sir and the train got late for more than 6 hours so sir i filed a TDR in this case as i didn’t wanted to travel because i wouldn’t be reaching my destination at the expected time and booked a flight instead so sir will i get my refund

    • Hello Ajay,
      TDR refunded amount is totally depends on the Reason you have given while filing.
      Which reason you have selected ?

      If you have selected “Train is late” then 100% amount will be refunded to your account including service Charges too.


  63. I booked a Tatkal ticket at 16-jan-2016 for journey at 17-jan-2016. But I dont want to trawell and when I am going to File TDR , I selected the reason,filled EFT/GC Amount,EFT/GC Number but i am not able to TDR when clicks on File TDR. PNR N. 2859123024. can you help me For TDR.

  64. I have booked two tatkal ticket from one person on 5th jan, 2016 for the journey from silchar to lumding at a cost of Rs. 400 and service charge of Rs.22. My tickets were in waitinglist and on the nect day when we tried to board, we found that our tickets were not confirmed when the chart was prepared. When we go back to our home and try to refund the amount,the person said that only Rs.280 is credited to his account. So, i want to know where is the missing money is. Please help me..my tickets have train no. 55616 and PNR no. 6348165963 having booking status of CKWL/15 and CKWL/16. Eagerly waiting your solve reply.

  65. Train No./Name: 12933/KARNAVATI EXP
    PNR No 8641020887
    Date of Journey: 30-Nov-2015
    Date Of Boarding: 30-Nov-2015
    Date of Booking: 02-Nov-2015
    Boarding: MUMBAI CENTRAL (BCT)
    Resv Upto: AHMEDABAD JN (ADI)
    Quota: GENERAL (GN)
    Class: CHAIR CAR (CC)
    Ticket Type:E-ticket

    TDR Details
    Reason For TDR: Train Cancelled
    TDR Filing Date: 30-Nov-2015 10:43:38 HRS
    TDR Status CR Registered
    Cancellation ID: 100000078124571
    TDR Zone: WESTERN RAILWAY (WR) Registration No: 208151200839

    Train was cancelled and i filed a TDR have’nt received the refund ? please look into it

  66. I travelled from NZM to Surat in train NZM TVC SF EXP 22654 on dated 16/11/2015. My brother have booked waitlisted tatkal ticket for me from Kota reservation counter as I was unable to go to NZM station for booking the same. I have msg the PNR NO. to 139 and get my ticket details on my mobile which I have showed to TTE when he asked for ticket not told him the whole case and also that I will represent counter ticket at Kota station. But he do not agreed for that and fined me as w/o ticket from NZM TO KOTA for ₹1180.
    Now can I file TDR or how can I get that penalty amount which is imposed wrong on me.
    The message which I received from 139(railway enquiry no.) is below:-

    PNR 2856399528
    Train : 22654 – NZM TVC SF EXP
    Dt : 16-11-2015
    BoardingStn : NZM
    ReservedUpTo : ST;
    CLASS : SL
    P1 : Curr Stat : W/L 18;
    P2 : Curr Stat : W/L 19;
    ChartStatus : PREPARED
    Coach Position : NA
    Schd Dep.Time : 10 : 05 hrs.

    • Due late running of my train (12174) on 17-12-2015,I could not board my connecting train (11464) at Bhopal jn. Pl advise what I have to do. I am having partially used ticket,

    • There is no such option to enter TDR saying “Connecting train was late more than 3 hrs at source station of forward train”

      But why ? Connecting train was late more than 3 hours, so why its not allowed for TDR. Even i don’t see any such options… is that railway is fooling us ? If the train is late how traveller can board the train, they have done no mistake since the gap of connecting train was approx 3 hours… I believe a gap is here and lot of pessengers are impacted with this !!

    • I understand that If your journey involves a change of trains, there is always a risk that a delay to one part of your journey will cause you to miss a connecting train, particularly if the connection time is tight. But Railways online TDR filing system does not have feature to identify your connected journey.

      You are correct online feature is not there while filing TDR, but you can easily claim it at reservation counter.

      Please Note/Answer:
      I’d like to ask why railway should care about your journey plan if you have two different tickets?

      Did you have total ONE ticket to board both the trains? first ticket should have total fare amount and second one should have 0 fare as fare is already added in your first ticket, is it ?

      If this is the case then you can claim you amount at railway station for second ticket only. If you had two tickets then No refund.

  67. Hello there, just became alert to your blog through
    Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels.

    I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future.

    Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  68. I booked a ticket for delhi-muzaffarnagar for 18th by two trains. 12055 jan shatabdi and new delhi-lullundhur via muzaffaranagar. Both were waitlisted at the time of booking. one of the two were to be obviously cancelled. so 12055 jan shatabdi was done at 1pm but chart were prepared for this train leaving at 3.30 so system didnt take. now as one of the two tickets availed, how to apply for TDR, i am unablke to do it tried, no where found MENU option. which earlier used to be on LHS. pl take this as y request or advise me how to go about it.
    It was e ticket

    alok agrawal

  69. I filed online TDR within 2 hours on 05-Sep-2015 for a confirmed ticket. (Details are, Transaction ID: 100000305967124, Train No./Name: 12419/GOMTI EXP, PNR No: 2209357838The). Train was to leave at 6:0am, it got delayed and thus was re-scheduled to Depart at or after 12:0am from Lucknow. Due to this I had to cancel my Return Journey Ticket also.
    My simple Question is, Does it take such long for Indian Railways to check and return the said Amount!

  70. I booked the e-ticket & my ticket was in waiting list and didn’t confirmed.when i saw chart is prepared. Is it necessary to file tdr or money will be refunded directly to my account

  71. Dear Sir,
    As I filed TDR on 5-8-15 for Lokmanya Tilak(22109) train which was late more than 8hrs due to HARDA accident.My destination was from GWALIOR to NZM.
    I also given in writing same day to Railway Office ,Gwalior(M.P.) for TDR cancellation. We were 4E-Tickets.
    Now if i check status of TDR it is showing ‘CR registered’
    May i know when amount will be refund to my account

    I am still waiting for refund. Pls. check & let me know.

    Sanjay saxena
    Transaction ID -100000242022054
    Date of Journay- 5-8-15
    Class- Third AC
    GWL to NZM

  72. Hi,
    For I-Ticket (TDR) has to be filed within 30 days from the date of scheduled travel.
    is it same for E-ticket.

    I booked E-ticket but the train itself got cancelled and I was under impression that money will be refunded to my account by virtue of E-ticket , so didn’t do any thing.

    Now it more than month over, is it possible to file a TDR now.. Thanks in advance

    Dinesh Kumar

  73. Hi,
    I booked the E-ticket and my ticket was in waiting list and did not confirmed. Do I need to file the TDR or the funds will be refunded directly to my account.

    Please help.

    Date of Journey: 19-Jun-2015 Date Of Boarding: 19-Jun-2015 Class: THIRD AC (3A)
    From: NAGPUR (NGP) To: JAIPUR (JP) Boarding: NAGPUR (NGP)
    Resv Upto: JAIPUR (JP) Quota: GENERAL (GN) Ticket Type: E-ticket

    Passenger Details

    SL No. Name Age Gender Berth Preference Food Choice Concession Status
    1 BHOLA RAM 35 Male NO CHOICE CR Approved
    2 MONU DEVI 30 Female SIDE LOWER CR Approved

    Payment Details
    Payment Option:State Bank of India
    Ticket Charge: 2710.0 Service Charge: 44.94 Total: 2754.94

    • It’s wonderful for us that you are getting ideas from this post as well as from
      our discussion/questions made here.
      Currently we did not provide any news setter feature for now to get notified with latest updates but soon we will be proving it at right side bar you can subscribe from there.

      For any queries please comment. thanks

    • We have filed the TDR for one of the journey due to train derailment
      I have filed 36 hours after the train journey in IRCTC Website
      Now if i check status of TDR it is showing ‘CR registered’
      May i know when amount will be refund to my account

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