5 Best Way to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Tips Tricks in 2021


How to book tatkal ticket online very fast? how to book tatkal ticket fast?

5 Best Tatkal Software to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Fast in 2021

  1. Using AutoFill Extension (90% Success)
  2. Using Magic AutoFill by Amit Agrawal (A Tool 79% Success)
  3. Mobile IRCTC Official App with Saved Passenger List
  4. By Disabling Anti-Virus Software
  5. By Selecting Reliable Payment Option (Obviously PayTM)

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tips Tricks /Reservation Tricks 2021

Dear readers, nowadays Tatkal Ticket Booking has become very difficult if you are not very smart and fast during the tatkal time 10 AM then you can not get a confirmed Tatkal Ticket.

On many websites, you might have seen that there are plenty of tricks to book the tatkal ticket but many tricks are failed for FY 2021 because the IRCTC website is redesigned now with a new IRCTC Lite concept.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking is a Nightmare

IRCTC tatkal ticket booking is a nightmare for many travelers. It isn’t an easy thing to book the tickets under tatkal quota, and the screen displays ‘CONFIRMED!’ Hardly a few succeed in booking tatkal tickets and thousands of users fail to make it.

Is there any way to book tatkal tickets very fast? 

It isn’t magic. There are few things that prohibit you from getting irctc tatkal booking confirmed. You need to be quicker than a robot to get your tickets confirmed.

There are quite a few tips and tricks you should know to book the tickets in a jiffy. After you read these tips and tricks, you would be surprised to know about these minor issues prohibiting you from getting the tatkal tickets booking confirmed!

Tatkal Ticket Booking Preparation

There are a few things you should check in advance and keep the details ready before you proceed with IRCTC tatkal booking.

  • Details of a journey which includes the train number, train name, boarding and destination (including station codes), details of passengers who travel with you, class of travel, etc.
  • Write down all these details in a handbook and keep it handy.
  • Check out how much it will cost you to book the tatkal tickets and make sure your account/card has sufficient balance. This may appear very silly, but the even shortage of INR 10 can cost you.
  • Always have a backup plan to choose another train, just in case if you cannot book tickets on a train chosen.
  • Keep your debit card/credit card/details of internet banking written (or handy) to avoid the delay in feeding the details.
  • Always have a backup plan to choose another train to book tatkal tickets just in case if you don’t get a confirmed ticket.
  • Choose the trains with the most number of seats available under tatkal quota. 
  • Remember you can only book twice using an IRCTC user ID in a month. If you already used your ID twice in a month, you cannot use it for the third time.
  • Just make sure that you did not use your ID before. A last-minute hurry concerning creating a new user ID won’t be helpful as you will have also have to consider account verification, adding wallet account, etc.

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Two Methods are the Best Way to Book Tatkal Ticket

Method1Using AutoFill Extension (90% Success)

Auto Fill Extension is a great option to reduce the time consumed on entering the data during IRCTC tatkal booking. It is an option that helps you fill the details (like passenger names, age, etc) and save the details of your journey.

Using this extension will help you fill the data automatically during IRCTC tatkal booking

  • Visit the site myrailinfo.in
  • Install the plugin into the Google Chrome browser and it is also compatible with the firefox browser.
  • After installation of the plugin, open it.
  • Fill all details of your journey.
    • IRCTC password
    • Passenger details (name, age, sex, birth preference)
    • You can also fill the payment details if you are using a credit card/debit card for payment.
  • After filling the data, click the ‘Save Form’ button.

  • Open the IRCTC website and log in to your account.
  • After selecting the train and the preferred class, choose the BOOK TICKET option.
  • Click on the plugin, it will fill the data for you.
  • Choose the PAYMENT Option and enter the details.
  • Enter the payment details.  If you have already filled the payment details, ignore this step.

Method2: Using Magic AutoFill by Amit Agrawal (100% Success)

Magic autofill is a simple tool designed to speed-up the tatkal booking process. This is not a tool designed or backed by IRCTC or Indian Railways. IRCTC Magic autofill is an individual program, developed by Amit Agarwal. IRCTC has no endorsements towards this tool.

Many online users would have wondered why there is an option in the Google search engine page, ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and now you will know it.

  • Go to this page, www.ctrlq.org/irctc/
  • Fill the reservation form giving all details of the journey, from passenger details to payment details.
  • Click the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button.
  • Just add it to the bookmarks toolbar by drag and drop. (Use Google Chrome and if you are directed, install Google Chrome Extension)

  • Now go to the IRCTC Website and click on a created bookmark to fill the form automatically.

In case if you are using Internet Explorer, add Magic autofill as your favourites.

So, when you open the site for IRCTC tatkal booking, after choosing train details, just click the magic button in your bookmarks toolbar. The magic autofill tool fills the details in a second, just in a click.  (It also feeds the payment option) 

It saves a lot of time, although it might be a few seconds.

The Magic autofill option helps to enhance the chances of getting the tatkal tickets confirmed.

Please refer below video by Amit Agrawal explained very well how to use Magic Autofill for booking eTicket.


Login into IRCTC Website 3 Minutes Before Always

This is the most important aspect to consider. Always login to the site just about 3 minutes before the tatkal tickets opening time.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Time

Class Tatkal Ticket Booking Timing
AC Classes – 3AC, 2AC, 1AC 10 am
Sleeper ClassSL, SS, CC 11am

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Charges 2021

  •  Second Class (2S):  10% of the base fare
  •  Sleeper Category (SL):  30% of the base fare
  •  Third AC (3A): 30% of the base fare
  •  Second AC (2A) : 30% of base fare
  •  First AC (1A): 30% of the base fare

Maximum and Minimum Tatkal Charges are Shown in Table Below.

Tatkal Ticket Fast Booking Tips – How to Book Tatkal Ticket Fast in New IRCTC Website

  1. Internet Speed – Try to get high speed internet at least 2 mbps
  2. Computer Speed – Make Your Computer Ready for IRCTC Tatkal Booking
  3. Disabling Antivirus – Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Software
  4. Choosing theRight Browser Google Chrome is the best browser so far
  5. Selecting a Reliable Payment method – Paytm wallet is fastest one
  6. Captcha Entries – Make it using ctrl and + button
  7. Network Latency Matters – if you have a friend in New Delhi, ask him or her to book tickets for you!

1) High-Speed Internet

This is very imperative for IRCTC tatkal booking. Without a high-speed internet connection, you cannot even think about booking tatkal ticket very fast

If you have any internet connection with decent speed, you can book tatkal tickets very fast in 20 seconds (considering all other factors). Isn’t very simple?

Already the IRCTC site will be loaded with tonnes of traffic during tatkal hours. So, you should ensure to have high-speed internet from authoritative providers like BSNL, MTNL, etc to avoid internet getting down at the tatkal hours. Do not rely on local internet service providers.

To enhance the speed of the internet, close all other gadgets and apps that you use through wifi. For instance, log out the apps like Skype, Facebook, email accounts, etc or any site that can reduce the internet speed.

Simply, clean your browser and keep only the IRCTC site as the web page opens. Disable all automatic download options on your computer.

If you connect your mobile using the wifi (the internet connection you use to book tickets), just disconnect the wifi on your mobile phone until the ticket booking process is complete.

Also, keep your browser empty and do not open any site until your book the tatkal ticket.

2) Computer Speed – Make Your Computer Ready for IRCTC Tatkal Booking

Everyone has good internet speed (at least not high-speed internet connection) and use autofill extensions and other tools necessary. But why most of the users fail to book tickets?

IRCTC tatkal booking is influenced by so many small factors. The speed of your computer is one of those elements that may obstruct you from booking the confirmed tickets.

  • Computer speed matters a lot when booking IRCTC tatkal tickets.
  • Restart the computer and close all the applications, programs, and temporary files. Just make sure that the computer is operated only for IRCTC tatkal booking.
  • Be like a saint until you book tickets under tatkal quota. Just make sure you are not disturbed.

3) Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Software

Yes, it is indeed a must to enhance the speed of the tatkal booking process. Antivirus software scrutinizes and scans all incoming and outgoing traffic. It won’t allow you to book quickly and delays the process.

It is a matter of a few seconds (or even a second delay can impact you) whether you get confirmed IRCTC tatkal booking or waitlisted ticket. Temporarily disable the anti-virus until your tickets are booked.

4) Choosing the Right Browser

While firefox is relatively a good browser, it consumes more resources of your computer. In case if your computer has low RAM, it will slow down the booking process and eventually you may not be able to book the ticket.

Google Chrome is the best browser so far and you can completely rely on it for IRCTC tatkal booking. It works faster and effectively even on a system with low resources. Similarly, it works faster than any advanced browser.

Successful IRCTC tatkal booking associates with Google chrome, the right browser.

5) Selecting a Reliable Payment Option

IRCTC has tied with a lot of payment service providers and banks. Almost all banks are available under the MAKE PAYMENT option.

Most of the users prefer SBI Payment Gateway or SBI Debit / Credit card (SBI is closely associated with IRCTC). SBI and IRCTC have collectively issued special SBI Credit and Debit cards.

Due to excessive usage, the traffic is high and the payment gateway is very slow during tatkal hours. Avoid using SBI Payment for IRCTC Tatkal Booking.

You can use the Payment Gateway of Citi bank, ICICI or HDFC, which is relatively faster than SBI gateway.

However, just make sure to avoid any payment gateway options that redirect you many times to too many pages.

Since IRCTC eWallet cannot be used during tatkal hours, you can use the Paytm wallet to pay for the tickets. However, you should create an eWallet account in advance and deposit the money.

Using Paytm Wallet saves a couple of seconds (which matters a lot) in terms of entering the card details or net banking details.

In case using net banking, some banks require 3D secure authentication. For instance, sometimes CITI Bank or Axis bank requests a 3D authentication password.

You should enter the date of birth, card details, PIN number, authentication password for the 3D secured transaction, etc.

This is an extra process that delays tatkal ticket booking. In case if you have not already generated the 3D secured password, it might take a minute or two to generate a new password and authenticate the payment. So, if you come across this additional authentication process provided by the payment gateway, just forget about IRCTC tatkal booking and you won’t get a confirmed ticket.

Sometimes, your bank may ask for an authentication password (one-time authentication) to confirm the payment just after you click, ‘Make Payment’ option on your net banking page.

The server of the net banking system will take a minute or at least 30 seconds to generate the password and send to your mobile.

In order to avoid these delays, you can go to the Paytm wallet.

6) Captcha Entries

Captcha entries many times trouble you. All Captcha entries displayed during tatkal hours are difficult to execute. Entering the wrong captcha and re-trying may cost you time.

The number of failed logins using the wrong captcha increases the difficulty of captcha text displayed. So, use the option, captcha reload and zoom the captcha before you enter to make it clearly visible.

7) Network Latency Matters

Okay, this may be a new term for many IRCTC users. It means the distance counts a lot! Long distant relationships aren’t always very successful, and IRCTC tatkal booking is a great example!!!

Yes, the server of IRCTC is located in New Delhi. If you book tickets from any place located in New Delhi or a building away from the IRCTC server location, you can easily book tatkal tickets very fast in a few seconds.

It consumes a few seconds more for a person from Mumbai or Chennai or Trivandrum to proceed with IRCTC Tatkal booking. Of course, these few seconds (even if it’s just one second) counts a lot!

So, if you have a friend in New Delhi, ask him or her to book tickets for you!


If you login exactly at 10 am, if you have any error in login (say captcha error), the re-login will be delayed. If you log in multiple times, your captcha entries will be very difficult to execute and make a successful login attempt.

Besides, due to huge traffic to the IRCTC site, it loads slowly. All these might take less than a minute or two, by the time you log in, all seats will be booked!!!!

When you consider the above facts, all these elements are interlinked with one another. For instance, if you have a high-speed connection but not installed Google Chrome browser, you are in trouble. Similarly, if you fail to use an auto-fill extension, the delay can cost you.

So, no more failed transactions during the IRCTC Tatkal Booking!!! Have good luck ahead.

If you face any problem or have any doubts then please comment below, our experts will answer your query instantly.

So I guess here i explained Tatkal booking tips, IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks, Best way to book tatkal ticket, How to book tatkal ticket online very fast.

If you have any doubt or any other tatkal ticket booking tip then please let us know we’ll be adding here.

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  1. Dear sir
    My train runs on Friday morning Six AM.do when should i book tatkal . On thursday or wednesday

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    Ab toh “BOOK NOW” ka option hi nhi aata… 3 minute lag jate hain. It takes 5 minute to prepare a ticket during TATKAL, which means only CKWL. What to do Sir???

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    I want to include my child’s name, age 7 years, in a confirmed e-ticket. He does not need any seat but as per new rule half of adult charge to pay. Can i include his name by paying half charge of fare ? What is the process or it is not possible?

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    1. Yes Amit,
      Agar Tatkal ticket book krte samay 30 seats available dikha rha h to ye possible h ki payment krne ke baad aapko waiting list ticket mile.

      Technical answer:
      Ye real time system h sari process Critical Section concept me kaam krti h.

  10. Its a nice trick.. Thanks to writer of this post.

    Only the thing is Now IRCTC disabled the QUICK BOOK feature (Already mentioned in Step1) during tatkal period. So we’ll have to use ‘Plan My Journey’ instead of Quick Book.

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