Top 10 Best IRCTC International Tour/Holiday Packages in 2023

The tourism industry has flourished in many countries. In some of them, it is the most prospering among other industries. A country is never short of its travelers. Every now and then there are travelers in different destinations be it their own country or in others. In the world, there are uncountable destinations.

Some may be very popular tourist attractions while others are merely places of interest for solo hikers. Tourist attractions are of different vigors. Some countries are known for their rich cultural heritage while some are places of visual delight. Some of the advanced cities also attract a wide variety of tourists.

Travel destinations vary seasonally. Hill stations, in general, are primarily meant for the summer season while beaches and religious places are almost filled with tourists all time of the year.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers a wide variety of International Holiday packages which attracts a lot of travelers throughout the year. By using Makemytrip Coupons and Offers while booking IRCTC packages will save you some bucks.

Best IRCTC International Tour/Holiday Packages in 2020

1. Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

Most of the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka are located around the famous beaches of this island. Broadly located in the southern and eastern parts of this country are some of the most prestigious heritage sites. Some are also located in the interior of the country while some are placed in the mountains where lush green resorts are a common tourist attraction.

Columbo which is the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka is a place of great interest of Asian travelers and businessmen all across the globe. As a whole, Sri Lanka houses the world’s seven heritage sites which are Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Kandy, Galle, Dam bulla cave temple, Polonnaruva and Lion King tropical rainforest located in Singaraja.

Tourists are attracted by the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and their rich National Parks. Some of the tour packages are:

  • Five nights and six days package a.k.a Tropical Paradise Package for Rs. 26,249/-

  • Six nights and seven days package a.k.a The Miraculous Sri Lanka Tour Package for Rs. 46,199/-

  • Three nights and four days package a.k.a SriLankan Odyssey Tour Package for Rs. 36,405/-

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2. Italy Holiday Packages

Italy intrigues all the explorers with its city life, Pizzas, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, cafes, national parks and much more. Natural resources like The Alps in the northern part, soft and green hills of Umbria and Tuscany, rugged landscape of S Apennines, Bay of Naples mostly comprising of Mt. Vesuvius are places of great delight.

Tour packages include:

  • Six nights and seven days package a.k.a Best of Italy Tour Package for Rs. 1,86,780/-

  • Five nights and six days package a.k.a Best of Italy Honeymoon on special request of the newly wed couples

  • Seven nights and eight days package a.k.a Flavors of Italy Tour Package for Rs. 1,42,790/-

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3. Australia Holiday Packages:

Australia is famous for its natural wonders. Its wide-open spaces, deserts, beaches, ‘the bush’ and ‘Outback’ are some of the places of interest quite popular among tourists. Most of these tourist attractions are open throughout the whole year.

Among the numerous sites, the notes ones are Sydney Harbour, Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road, Uluru, Barossa, Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef.

Some packages are given below:

  • Nine nights and ten days package a.k.a. Discover Australia Tour Package for Rs. 1,67,189/-

  • Seven nights and eight days package a.k.a. Adventures Australian Group Package for Rs. 1,86,990/-

  • Eight nights and nine days package a.k.a. Glimpses of Australia Tour Package on special request

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4. China Holiday Packages:

The topography of China mostly comprises of mountains and plateaus in its western parts with lower lands in the east. It has a rich cultural and natural wealth for tourism, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, Huangguoshu Waterfalls and Jiuzhaigou. China is culturally among one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

The famous Shaolin Temple is one of its prime examples. China is among the fastest developing countries of this world. Beijing and Songhai are the well-developed cities of China at present. Other tourist attractions of China are Great Wall, Terra-cotta Warriors and their Horses, the Yangtze River and much more.

Some of the tour packages are:

  • Six nights China Beijing and Shanghai Tour Package for Rs. 81,999/-

  • Six nights and seven days package a.k.a. Best of China Tour Package for Rs. 77,819/-

  • Four nights and five days Tailor Made International Short Break package for Rs. 29,000/-

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5. Maldives Holiday Packages:

Maldives is a cluster of 1190 islands in the Indian Ocean which is a great tourist attraction for its water sports and rich quality habitats. Only 202 islands are inhabited as of now.

Robinson Crusoe islands are one of its prime attractions followed by massive lagoons at a different depth, with infinite shades of turquoise and blue underwater coral gardens. It is a perfect holiday destination for all age groups.

Some of the tour packages include:

  • Four nights and five days holiday island resort Maldives package for Rs. 84,899/-

  • Four days Maldives Fun Island Resort Holiday Package for USD 440

  • Best Seller Maldives Tour Package for 3 nights and 4 days at Rs. 46,990/-

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6. Switzerland Holiday Packages

The rich diversity of landlocked mountains gives this country a unique look. The main tourist attractions are rivers, the snowy Alps for skiing the purpose, green grasslands, the visual delight of the Alps and much more.

Some of the tour packages are:

  • 7 nights and 8 days package a.k.a highlights of Switzerland Tour package for Rs. 92,334/-

  • 6 nights and 7 days package a.k.a 3 white peaks of Switzerland package for Rs. 73,990/-

  • 7 nights and 8 days the chocolate and cheese side of Switzerland package for Rs. 98,990/-

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7. New Zealand Holiday Packages

New Zealand is one of the most tectonically active countries, and it offers spectacular views of geothermal as well as volcanic activity. Adding to this is the fascinating animal and plant life along with natural landscapes.

The tour packages are:

  • 9 nights and 10 days package a.k.a explore New Zealand Tour Package for Rs. 1,86,900/-

  • 8 nights and 9 days package a.k.a. Romance in New Zealand package for Rs. 1,79,999/-

  • 12 nights and 13 days package a.k.a. Exciting New Zealand City package for Rs. 1,56,990/-

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8. Mauritius Holiday Packages:

This island nation off the African Continent is located in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its tropical climate along with diverse cultures, clothes, lifestyles, and cuisines. The diversity of culture is represented by Hindus, Creole, Muslims, Europeans and Chinese. It is a place of immense beauty and serenity.

Some of the tour packages are:

  • 6 nights and 7 days Super Saver Mauritius tour package for Rs. 63,990/-

  • 6 nights and 7 days Magic of Mauritius Tour Package for Rs. 64,300/-

  • 6 nights and 7 days Mesmerizing Mauritius Tour Package for Rs. 20,999/-

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9. France Holiday Packages

France offers a lot of refreshment for the tourists. Be it in the form of the largest ski area on The Alps or offering beaches and Disneyland. France has it all. View from the Eiffel Tower, needless to say, is out of this world adding to this there is a rich collection of cultural heritage which gives France its uniqueness.

Some of the packages are:

  • Capital highlights tour package for 6 nights and 7 days only at Rs. 62,430/-

  • Six nights Switzerland and France tour for Rs. 89,999/-

  • 8 nights and 9 days exploring Holland, France, and Switzerland tour package for Rs. 1,16,999/-

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10. European Holiday packages:

Europe holds the world largest economy even being the smallest of all continents. Both its climate and culture attracts tourist from all across the globe. The diversity of wildlife makes this country a must visits for once in a lifetime.

  • 8 nights and 9 days best of European tour package for Rs. 59,990/-

  • 9 nights and 10 days Flavors of European Tour package for Rs. 50,990/-

  • 6 nights and 7 days Stunning Eastern Europe tour package for Rs. 85,990/-

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