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When you hear something related to train accident today or watch today train accident news, you would probably worry about the lack of safety concerns in the Indian Railways. Train accident today literally connects with a debate and prolonged discussion on Indian Railways Management. Yes, train accidents are not uncommon in Indian Railways. Regardless of maintaining high security system and alertness, accidents happen in a jiffy. In fact, there are many major train accidents that shook the world.

Train accident today

What Causes Train Accident Today

One of the major causes of frequent train accidents is more than 11000 rail crossings are unnamed and unattended. Many times, the train accident news is not reported immediately due to lack of proper communication and unavailability of the source to share the information. When you check the report about the train accident cases, about 7000 to 8000 individuals die because of lack of caution at the unmanned crossings.

Although the number of train accident today is increased when compared with the past few years, the number of passengers died, passengers calling for causality and heavily injured passengers are reduced to a great accident, as stated at Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC.

Train accident today is not just caused by poor management of the railway tracks, unattended railway crossings, lack of attention by the drivers, etc you should not ignore the manmade disasters like terrorism that also leads to train accident today.

A different approach about train accident today is put forth, which is nothing but lack of quality control. A common blame is put on the Indian Railways and Ministry of Railways that lack of quality, muddled recruitment of the individuals for the technical jobs, unethical tender practices, poor or inadequate training, etc also leads to increase in number of accidents.

About 35 percent of train accident today happens at Maharashtra. In the year 2014, on an approximate basis, 8000 individuals died in a train accident at Maharashtra. Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh follows the list of most of people died in train accidents, next to Maharashtra. Surprisingly, in the past couple of years, no train accidents were reported from Andhra Pradesh.

Even today train accident news does not cover all the news about the accidents occurred at unmanned railway crossings in remote areas. According to NCRB, thousands of dead bodies were left unidentified and unclaimed by the relatives of the individuals who died during level crossing accidents.

When you watch today train accident news, you are more likely to watch the information pertaining to derailments or corrosion. Level crossing accidents account towards second major cause of train accidents today. Although there is a complete record of level crossing accidents, the news about accidents that happen today is not communicated immediately.

Major Train Accidents in India Since 1995:

Date Place of accident Nature of accident Loss of hi Dead man life Injured
5 September, 1992 Raigarh (Chhattisgarh) Collision of two trains. 41
16 July, 1993 Darbhanga (Bihar) 60
21 September, 1993 Chhabra (Rajasthan) Kota-Bina passenger train collided with goods train. 71
14 May, 1995 New Salem (Tamil Nadu) Madras-Kanniyakumari Express collided with a goods train. 52
1 June, 1995 Two accidents in West Bengal and Orissa 73
20 August, 1995 Ferozabad (U.P.) Delhi bound Purushottam Express rammed into stationery Kalindi Express. 302
18 April, 1996 Domingarh, near Gorakhpur (U.P.) Gorakhpur, Gonda passenger train rammed into a stationery goods train. 60
14 May, 1996 Near Alappuzha (Kerala) Bus carrying a marriage party collided with Emakulam- Kanniyakumari train at an unmanned crossing. 35
25 May, 1996 Near Varanasi (U.P.) Allahabad bound passenger train rammed into a tractor-trolley at an unmanned crossing. 25
30 December, 1996 Between Kokrajhar and Fakiragram stations (Assam) Bomb blast on the Brahmaputra Mail. 33
8 July, 1997 Lehra Khanna in Bhatinda district (Punjab) Bomb blast on a passenger train. 33
28 July, 1997 Faridabad (Haryana) Collision between Karnataka Express and Himsagar Express. 12
14 September, 1997 Bilaspur district (Chhattisgarh) Five coaches of Ahmedabad- Howrah Express plunged into a river. 81
24 April, 1998 Parali Vaijanath (Beed), Madhya Pradesh 15 Wagons of a goods train rammed into the Manmad-Kachiguda Express. 24 32
13 August, 1998 Karur (Tamil Nadu) Bus rammed into Chennai-Madurai Express at an unmanned crossing. 19 27
24 September, 1998 Near Bottalopalam village (Andhra Pradesh) Train engine rammed in an Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus at an unmanned level crossing. 20 33
26 November, 1998 Near Ludhiana (Punjab) Jammu Tawi-Sealdah Express rammed into three derailed bogies of Amritsar bound Frontier Golden Temple Mail. 108
16 July, 1999 Near Mathura (U.P.) Grand Truck Express collided with derailed wagons of a goods train. 17 200
3 December, 2000 Between Sarai Banjara and Sadhugarh (Punjab) Howrah-Amritsar Mail rammed into derailed goods train. 46 130
22 June, 2001 Near Kozhikode (Kerala) Three bogies of Mangalore-Madras Mail fall in Kadalundi river. 52
5 January, 2002 Ghatnandur station Secunderabad-Manmad Express collided with a goods train. 21 41
27 February, 2002 Godhra (Gujarat) Sabarmati Express set on fire 59
9 September, 2002 Aurangabad district (Bihar) Part of Howrah-Delhi Rajdhani Express fall in Dhavi Nadi. 100 150
3 January, 2003 Ghatnadur Station (Maharashtra) Secunderabad-Manmad Express collided with a goods train. 21 41
15 May, 2003 Ludhiana ,(Punjab) Frontier Mail caught fire. 38 13
22 June, 2003 Near Sindhudurg district (Maharashtra) Karwar-Mumbai Central Holiday Special derailed. 53 25
2 July, 2003 Warangal (Andhra Pradesh) Engine and two bodies of a train fall into a river. 18
14 September, 2004 Mukerian (Punjab) Jammu-Ahmedabad Express collided with DMU. 50 150
21 April, 2005 Samlaya railway station near Godhra (Gujarat) Sabarmati Express collided with a stationary goods train. 21 125
2 October, 2005 Datia (M.P.) Bundelkhand Express derailed and rammed into signal cabin. 13 60
29 October, 2005 Nalgonda district (Andhra Pradesh) Seven coaches of Repalle- Secunderabad Fast Passenger derailed and plunged into swollen rivulet. 100 100 (Many of them serious)
9 November 2005 Barwadih near Latehar in Dhanbad division (Jharkhand) Goods train rammed into Gomoh- Chopan passenger train. 25 100

How to Reduce Train Accident and Alert When Train Accident Today Happens?

In order to reach and address the needy during the train accidents, the Railway Ministry has decided to launch an All-India emergency and security helpline. This helpline will be useful to hear the information about train accident today, call for helpline to save the passengers injured during the train accident, call for helpline in case of any crimes and many more. However, the launch of this facility will certainly help the passengers to heart updates about the train accident today and act quickly.

Have a look at Chennai Accident images:


Use of Technology to be Alert About the Train Accidents Today

ISRO scientists have run a trial to warn the drivers about the unmanned crossings. A team from the Space Applications Centre is working on a model that will send warnings to the train drivers. The current phase of this project intends to build the Geographical Information System (Similar to GPRS tracking) in approximately 50 trains across the country.

Already the demonstration phase was successfully completed in the month of January.

Upon subsequent completion of successful trial, the scientists have a plan to cover the entire Indian Railway Network by developing the alert. This will enable the Indian Railways to track each train based on the network and receive the information quickly about the derailments, collision as well as any train accidents today.

Implementation of overall quality control, tracking system as designed by the ISRO researchers or something similar to the tracking system, delegation of work to the trained and expert personnel, reducing the number of unmanned railway crossings, etc can reduce the number of train accident today.

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