7 Unusual Places to Visit in London

Are you looking for unusual things to do in London? Take look at 7 Unusual Places to Visit in London that you must visit:

  1. Black Museum: Enter with Bated Breath

Black Museum

Sending shivers down the spine! Yes…this is what the name itself does. The Black Museum of Scotland yard is also known as “The Crime Museum”. It showcases the macabre collection of criminal memorabilia at New Scotland Yard, The Metropolitan Police Service Headquarters London. Amongst the 7 unusual places to visit in London, this one is surely a terrifying ordeal with numerous exhibits like:

  • The first ghastly show that breaks you out in a cold sweat is when you see a noose followed by a creaky desk full of gleaming weaponry and chests with bloody guns.
  • The exhibit of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in UK for being convicted of the murder of David Blakely, her lover will surely give you goose bumps.
  • The exhibits of the notorious serial callers John Reginald Halliday Christie and John George Haigh just give a bizzare feeling.
  • In the chamber of horrors, there are so many eerie displays like Met officers who were killed in the line of duty, vials of poison, blood-stained weapons, forensic pictures etc. that give you the jitters.
  • The spine chilling wanted poster of Harvey Crippen and his accomplice Ethel Neve with bloody spade used for the murder of Cora, Crippen’s wife is amongst the grisly objects you witness at the museum.

Numerous nightmarish exhibits including poisoned syringe used by gangsters Kray twins and the handwritten note of the chief detective Jack the Riper, drugs, body parts, deadly weapons and death masks undoubtedly make this Black Museum makes it fit amongst 9 unusual places to visit in London.

  1. Gingerline : Weirdness Overloaded @dining experience


I bet it is one of the amazing unusual places to visit in London offering an eccentric dining experience with an aesthetically beguiling twist. Most interesting thing is the guests here have the least idea of the theme they are going to unfold. The entire dining experience is unpredictable theatrical voyage for the guests like A circus theme, submarine theme or a church where you will be swinging from a trapeze or riding a conga enjoying spirits, wines and meals.

Don’t miss the clandestine dining adventures at Gingerline and enjoy mysteriously the mad experiences of art, drink, food, performance and design.

  1. The Fan Museum: Exquisite Art Displays

The Fan Museum

Opened in 1991, visiting this Fan Museum is one of the unusual things to do to experience London. It was the premier museum dedicated to fans and is located at 12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8ER. Following are the things that make this museum unique and your visit worth:

  • Its huge collection of over 4000 fans, fan leaves and related ephemera has all to hold your interest till the end.
  • You feel like in time machine that takes you back to the tenth century when you witness the oldest fan in the collection dated that period.
  • Enjoy the educational display that teaches not only fan history but also manufacturing processes and numerous forms of fan. Attend the fan making class if you love for fan is too deep.
  • Don’t forget to visit the orangery beautifully decorated with murals, a spectacular Japanese style garden with a fan shaped parterre and a pond that are along with the museum.
  • Relish afternoon tea, cream, jam and fresh cakes too.
  1. Queen Elizabeth Haunting Lodge

Queen Elizabeth Haunting Lodge

Talking of unusual places to visit in London, Queen Elizabeth Haunting Lodge is never a miss. Located at 8 Rangers Road, Chingford-London , this lodge let you step back in time where a timber framed lodge is surrounded by medieval royal hunting forest. Here you may also witness some regular heritage events too. Soak yourself completely in Tudor era witnessing exhibitions on Tudor food and fashion where you may try on Tudor outfits and get clicked to create long lasting memories. The three floors at the hunting lodge are adorned with various thematic displays

The lodge is closed for the visitors when booked for schools, groups and events. So, it is advisable to call ahead of your visit for confirming your booking.

  1. Blitz Party : Let your Crazy self untamed!

Blitz Party

No doubt, one of the unusual things to experience London is becoming the part of this spectacular 1940 themed party that is a monthly event. The ambience, the music and the cocktails are just simply classic. Don’t forget to dress up in the beautiful brunette of 40s and dance on the musical repertoire of classics of 1940s and also some remixes of contemporary fusion. And the Split fire bar has Champagne and some nice British Ale to offer to you with yummy snacks. You will also watch some real time newsreels and wartime films to set your mood. I bet you it’s a time machine experience for you that you will cherish your whole life. The sand bags, the brick walls, the classic music, soldiers, sailors, tea dressed women, fur, pencil skirts, hats, gloves and much more just to take you to the beautiful classic era.

Visit the website to know the dates of the upcoming party as well location. You may also book the tickets online.

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  1. Ripley’s Believe it or not! – Unusual & Bizarre experiences waiting for you.

Ripley’s Believe it or not
Ripley’s Believe it or not

This weird museum is home to hundreds of eccentric artifacts and curiosities from all over the world. The elaborate Indian Mardi Gras costume, authentic shrunken heads, Tower Bridge made with matchsticks, woolen Ferrari , ancient turtle shells etc are some of the things that make it an unusual place to visit in London.  Unbelievably mind-lowing wonders are waiting for you at every corner here to amaze you.

  • The crazy art galleries here showcase an amazing array of miniature masterpieces, sculptures, canvases, recycled art etc. – A feast to curious eyes!
  • Be ready to explore the exhibits of fascinating cultural artifacts like cannibal skulls and shrunken heads and beauty gallery from different cultures.
  • You may also encounter the exhibits of extraordinary people and their remarkable takes like tallest, smallest, hairiest men, lizard man, vampire woman etc.

So, it has all to capture your attention to experience London through doing unusual things.

  1. London Dungeon: Unique Quirky Experience

London Dungeon

Located in the County Hall next to London Eye, this museum is unique actor-led, interactive experience based on macabre history. Numerous gory historical events depicted in a gallows humour genre with the help of 18 shows, various actors, special effects and rides to scare the hell out of you. The journey leads you through thousand years of history of London by doing various unusual things to experience London as below:

  • Sweeney Todd: From the Bazalgette’s Sewer to Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop at stinking Fleet Street ou enjoy every bit of the weird experience.
  • Jack the Ripper: Listening to the eerie ghost story from Mrs. Waldren in ghastly stormy night set up with special effects of sound and light will surely give you some heebie-jeebies.
  • The Judge and the Courtroom: It is indeed a classic dungeon show and favorite amongst visitors where the judge has so little time to hear your pleas and will decide if you are guily or not. So much fun, I bet!

Numerous other shows like Drop Dead – Drop Ride to Doom, The Plague Doctor, The Torturer, Descent, and The Tyrant Boat Ride are the various unique, themed experiences offered by London Dungeon that makes it one of the best unusual places to visit in London.

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