'None Of My Hindi Films Worked' Baahubali Star Ramya Krishnan On Why She Left Bollywood

Prior to engaging India with Baahubali films, Ramya Krishnan was at that point a known name in Hindi belts because of the Bollywood film

These movies included Khal Nayak (1993) with Sanjay Dutt, Parampara (1993) with Vinod Khanna, Chaahat with Shah Rukh Khan (1996)

In any case, after Wajood (1998), Ramya chose to not to get back to Bollywood and got going with her Telugu films.

She told PTI, "None of the movies got along admirably (here) and I was at that point a star or a main courageous woman in Telugu industry

So I didn't have the guts to leave that industry and come and take on my conflict (in Hindi film). I didn't dare to part with everything."

he added, "For you to do more movies in a specific industry, you really want a fruitful film. Unfortunately, that additionally didn't occur in Hindi