What Do i Want to Do With My life?

7:00 am, as you battle through your blankets and sheets to stop that ringing sound of your alarm, seldom would you know that it’s going to be a typical boring day. None of us would have given a thought to the fact that we all reach a point, where all of a sudden our life becomes boring. And then comes the billion dollar question

What do You Want to do in Your Life?

I mean you are 25 you get up in the morning, go to work come the back have food and sleep. The only exception would be a Sunday were the only addition is “party with friends“. Life is not about living in a mediocre style, it’s about achieving things you always wanted to achieve. There are a hell lot of reasons to go on the trip.

What Do i Want to Do With My life?

The solution to your every problem and every question is out there in nature, there are some questions that Google cannot answer only nature can. You still don’t believe me ok go ahead and read further I bet you would end up in a holiday tomorrow.

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The Change You Need in Your Life

Bill gates once said ” If you are born poor, it’s not your fault. But if you die poor it’s your fault. ” And it’s very rightly said, off late we all have become a tad lazy with our life. We tend to become underachievers.

What do you want to do in your life

The prime reason for this is, we are living in a shell. Either you can break the shell or you can leave the shell. This probably could be the answer to the question What do you want to do in your life? On funny aside, since we are a young, aggressive and fearless brand of youth we tend to break the shell more often than not.

It’s important that you have a different perspective on your life, you need to shed your workaholic cum party animal image and become a nomadic personality, who would wander all over the world to find the true purpose of life.

The only thing you would achieve by sitting in front of a computer is money. No doubt it’s important, but equally important is a break that to you need to take from life. So when you feel frustrated after working endlessly for months, and you feel like quitting and 

running away from everything that’s around you, Just pack your bags wear your coat and go out to explore the world. Always remember a fighter can only write in his name in pages of history. So what are you waiting for get up and fight, the world is waiting.

Traveling is a cure to a lot of mental disorders, obviously, that doesn’t mean you are mad if you travel. It’s the best stress buster for all kinds of people. You can be working category, student or a professional traveling will relieve all your stress.

Every time you see a new place when you meet new people, the exchange of smile would fill you with zeal and enthusiasm. It will give you a reason to live again and keep the fighting spirit in life.

That fight you put on is What you want to do in your life?

Nature has this unique tendency to cure all your illness, there is nothing more positive than watching a sunset or sunrise, depending on how lazy you are you should preferably watch a sunset.

Are You a Loser?

We all at some stage of our life face failures, they are disturbing but are inevitable. It comes with the bag full of negativity, anger, frustration and God knows what all. Imagine yourself getting up in the morning and shouts of random people calling you a loser echoing in your ears.

What would i do with my life

At the end of the day when you return and got to bed and ask yourself a question “Am I a loser?” or questions like What would I do with my life? Then my friend you really need help. Every day when expectations keeping increasing, the burden on you crushes you.

Just throw everything off your shoulders and walk away silently to the place where nobody knows you. Then when you reach a place which is peaceful because nobody knows you and hence they won’t judge you, start observing people around. Look at the watchmen standing outside an ATM counter, look at the tea vendor, look at construction site worker or look at every face the crowd.

They all are returning back home after the day’s struggle. But here is the fact they never quit, that’s true, every day is a struggle for survival for them. They fight had every day to make their two ends meet. You might have a million problems, you might have failed in an exam, your boss might not like you or your job might be in danger and you might keep wondering What should I do with my life?.

But remember there are people who are struggling for food, your problems are not bigger than theirs. But unfortunately you decided to quit but they kept fighting. It’s high time my friend just rejuvenate yourself put on the gloves go into the ring of a world and fight your life.

Is Bored of Your Mediocre Life?

We all live a mediocre life until we decide to have some fun and adventure. Adventure doesn’t mean jumping from the cliff with a bungee rope. It means running away to places you have never been, eating new things, meeting new people and it’s much safer than bungee jumping. India is a land of cultures and traditions.

Are Bored of Your Mediocre Life

If you thought the university is the only place where you can learn something new. Ask yourself What do you want to do in your life? and you can’t find an answer. Then you are wrong my friend, the entire world is a university, everyplace is a classroom, new people you meet are your teachers and our culture and traditions are your subjects.

The day you realize these facts, you have then found the meaning of your life. The question arises when do you know that you are leaving a mediocre life? That’s quite simple to know, when you feel you have nothing more to achieve when you feel you feel your bedroom is the best place to be in, when you feel happy only when you receive your pay cheque, Then you are living a mediocre lifestyle.

When you have analysed all these things and you come to the conclusion that you are living a mediocre life. It’s time to get a passport and visa( if you earn 70000 are more) or book train tickets and run away from this world of expectations and set yourself free.

Troubled Relationship?

A successful relationship is something where both partners understand each other live together. Both of them accept each other’s flaws and live in peace. But here is the catch how would two people know each other.

What should i do in my life now

Talks won’t work, eg. India and Pakistan talks never worked, then what. How about this, take your partner to an unknown destination, when conditions aren’t familiar to you would talk more, strategize more and work as a team, you can consider this as a relationship building exercise, and believe me it works and all throughout this you would see all the expressions of your partner, which would be helpful later on when you get married.

It’s the better option than getting frustrated with your relationship and ending it on a sore note. Trust is the most important factor of a relationship. A relationship cannot survive without trust, and traveling would act as a trust-building exercise, and it’s a risk worth taking. Not only for fresh relationships, it could work for broken relationships too can mend through traveling. You can regain or rather rebuild your broken trust just by a trip.

Friendship Goals!

The best moments in your life is when you spend time with your friends. It gets even better when you go on a trip with them. Imagine a cold chilling morning sitting with your friends with a cup of tea and relishing the beautiful moments you spent with, it would have a soothing effect on your mind and soul.

The crazy stuff you did, the time you spent with each other would calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed, something which only alcohol could have done. Long road trips have their own fun and excitement which is irreplaceable.

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To Know Who You Are?

The biggest question, mankind has ever faced is who are you? or What should I do with my life? It doesn’t have the answer really but you can find it out. Not by sitting at home or office, you need an answer take a break and go out. When the wind would hit your face and makes way for your hair.


A feeling of relaxation would run through your nerves full of anxiety and worries. These small breaks give you time to find reasons for your life. You can take this time to strategize what you need to do in life, you can reflect on your decisions taken in past. There are places around the world where you can rediscover yourself.

Nature has everything for everyone, you could be a loser who is looking for an opportunity to prove himself. You could be someone who has achieved everything but still looking like an under achievers, these trips would ease your nerves and pump you up for your fight with the future. Once you have figured out who you are and what you want to be then there is nothing that can stop you from what you want to become.

Need the Spiritual Connection?

All of us keep searching for something that nobody has seen, someone we call God for a spiritual connect. Where can you find him, more than the temple and religious places he could be found in valleys, mountains, and sea shores. The positivity you feel in these places is what we called God. There is nothing more beautiful than sitting with nature and reconnecting with yourself.

Traveling around is gateway to understanding about yourself and to know What to do in your life? to know what your dreams are, how to achieve them and what needs to be done in future. If there is a place where you can forget your past and work in your future it’s nature no other place.

What Are You Waiting For?

Like seriously, what are you waiting for, get up pack up your bags and go, the whole world is waiting for you? It would be a journey full of fun, frolic, and adventures. You would go through ups and downs and this journey would be your best teacher.

If you are someone who doesn’t know what’s happening in your life or someone who thinks what next or you are someone who doesn’t know What to do in life?. Then my friend a long trip is what you need. Forget about this materialistic work, forget all the worries and-and look ahead at the huge sea of opportunities in front of you.

All you need to do is just explore, and that’s quite easy too. There is two way to live your life either you can sit at home and wait for the opportunity or you can go out explore the world for opportunities choice is yours. To be a successful person in life it’s important to have a nomadic nature which can help you to find what’s good for you or what would work for you.

All I can say is that history cannot be created by just sitting in your home you need to go out and fight with the world to achieve your success. It’s not like home delivery its self-service and that’s how your approach should be towards life.

Do you need to be a go-getter than a lazy couch to find the answer to What should I do with my life? Traveling helps you to connect with yourself, forget about the past and helps to build your future. Above all, it helps you to believe in yourself, which is the most important factor. If you don’t believe in yourself then why would the world do? Every gush of fresh air it’s important to feel it rather than letting it go past yourself.

At the end, I would only say if you’re still lying on your bed, then remember someone is fighting out there to beat you and take the success which belongs to you. So get up the more you wait for the harder it would be for you to start and finish. So waiting is definitely not an option, either you win or you die that’s it as simple as that. So go out and win the world.

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