Consider For Auto Upgradation in IRCTC ?

Very rare people know about ‘What is consider for auto upgradation‘ option available on the IRCTC website when you book a ticket.
Today we will explain in detail what exactly it is and why you should check this option at the time of booking an e-Ticket.

Consider For Auto Upgradation’ Option in IRCTC

Consider For Auto Upgradation means allocating a BERTH in higher class if seat is vacant there.

Consider For Auto Upgradation In IRCTC

For example, If you have booked an e-ticket in SL class and you selected the option Consider For Auto Upgradation but after making a successful payment you got the Waiting ticket then at the time of departure date of the selected train you might get the berth in higher class 3AC class if available.

When and Why ‘Consider For Auto Upgradation’ Feature Introduced?

When this scheme was introduced? On 25th Jan 2006 the Ministry of Railways decided to introduce this scheme. In the beginning, this scheme was implemented only in a few selected trains but after seeing the successful result the Ministry of Railways decided to implement this scheme in all the trains in the 2007 fiscal year.

Why this scheme was introduced? This scheme was introduced to get full utilization of the vacant seat in a train. Previously when this scheme was not there that time many seats were available even people were having Waiting List ticket with no seat allocated at all.

consider for auto upgradation

For example, if 3 people have booked waiting for a ticket in SL class and 3 seats are available in 3AC class then all 3 passengers will move to 3AC class even they have SL class waiting for a ticket. Now the question is coming in your mind is “Is there any extra charges passenger will have to pay for this UpGradation of the birth in higher class ?” read at last point.

Should you really check the “Consider For Auto Upgradation Check box” while booking an IRCTC ticket?

Yes always. Whenever people book an e ticket online they always get confused about whether they should check the Consider For Auto Upgradation checkbox or not. You should always check this checkbox at the time of booking an e-ticket because there will be additional chances to get the seats in a higher class with no extra charges.

Consider For Auto Upgradation is available only for E-ticket?

No, it is available in both Online and Offline ticket means for Window/Counter ticket also. There is an option in reservation form you just need to check this Consider For Auto Upgradation option.

The below image gives a clear view of this option while booking an e-ticket.

consider for auto upgradation in IRCTC

How Consider For Auto Upgradation works?

Auto Upgradation executes at the time of chart preparation of the selected train. There is a software that executes at the time of Chart Preparation which Considers the passengers for Auto Upgradation.

Below are the three conditions should be fulfilled in order to take the benefit of considering Auto Upgrade scheme:
  1. There should be at least one seat available in the higher class at the time chart preparation.
  2. At least one passenger should have a waiting list ticket in just one level down class.
  3. The waiting list ticket should be of fully paid in fare (No concessions like Senior Citizen, etc).

Are there any other charges you will have to pay if you select Consider For Auto Upgradation option?

No, you don’t have to pay any extra charges for this. It’s free of cost service provided by Indian Railways.

Who will be eligible first to get the benefit of this service?

This scheme works on FCFS logic means First Come First Serve. If you have booked a waiting ticket and you got waiting number 3 then your chances to get a seat in the higher class will be in the 3rd position, first waiting number 1,2 will occupy the seat in higher class first.

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49 thoughts on “Consider For Auto Upgradation in IRCTC ?”

  1. You have mentioned that “At least one passenger should have waiting list ticket in just one level down class”,but my experience is different.Last week i had booked 2 confirmed tickets in Tatkal quota in Gujrat Queen (This is an intercity train running between Ahmedabad & Valsad) for a travel from Ahmedabad to Nabipur,at the time of chart preparation both of us were upgraded to AC Chair Car.So the logic does not apply that you should have a waitlisted ticket to get the auto upgradation.In fact i had onward journey reservation from Vadodra to Pune which was also booked in Tatkal quota.My logic is confirmed lower class tickets are upgraded to higher class (if there is a vacancy) to accommodate waitlisted passengers in lower class,it looks more justifiable.

  2. I booked a ticket from Howrah to yeswantapur got confirm ticket in 3AC. But at 12 midnight I got message as its upgraded to 2AC.

  3. I have booked 1 ticket from ASN to INDB. Date of journey 26/12/16. But i have got RLWL14 . I have selected auto upgradation. Still the pnr status is same since 2 days. Is there any possibility to be confirmed ? Or i should go for tatkal.

  4. What will happen in below scenario during charting ?
    2AC – 10 Available – 8 Wait list
    3AC – 15 Available – 10 Wait list
    SL – 10 Wait list (All 10 WL + 5 general confirmed + 5 tatkal confirmed checked for Auto upgradation=totally 20)
    My guess :
    2AC wont get upgraded so preference will be given to wait list people of 2AC itself.
    3AC people wont get upgraded as there is no seats available in 2AC and 3AC- 10 WL will be filled and 5 will be available
    —> In case, if seats are available in 2AC, who will be given a preference to upgrade – WL or confirmed holder? is it confirmed will be upgraded and WL will be given 3AC itself?
    SL tatkal confirmed/general confirmed will be upgraded to 3AC based on the preference and WL in SL will be given SL birth.
    WL people will be upgraded over confirmed ticket holders?

  5. Sir, we have booked tickets with preferred seats as lower and got the same confirmed tickets. Even if I haven’t selected auto upgradation, will my tickets upgrade?

  6. Is it applicable for Confirmed tickets also ? Suppose I got confirmed ticket in SL class and at the time of journey can i get a AC III tier seat ? Or is it only applicable if I have a waiting list ticket?

  7. Sir, I have confirmed sleeper class tickets for self and spouse, both senior citizens, and I want to upgrade to AC 3 tier, if the seats are available in the same train on the same date. Can I get the same? I booked it from the railways reservation counter. And what I have to do beside paying the difference?

  8. Kindly clarify if this auto upgradation is compulsory to take? Like do I have the provision to reject as I might not be comfortable in AC (in higher class) ?

  9. Is RAC ticket considered for upgrade?? It is written on many websites that waiting list/waiting listed are considered for upgradation. Is it true????

  10. I dont remember whether i have clicked on auto upgradation or not , and my ticket is now in waiting list ,

    Is there any way i can check whether i clicked on upgradation or not ?
    will my ticket is going to upgrade in waiting list or not ?

  11. Sir, I have booked 2 tickets to parli for next month and opted for auto upgradation. Incase under autoupgradation list only one seat is available in higher class and if I am eligible then will they allot that seat to me. If they does so then we two have to travel in different compartment. Please reply.

  12. Sir if I booked ticket in SL and opted for autoupgradation for future date journey, and on the time of journey if seats are available in both higher like 3AC and 2AC and also there are vacant seats in SL also, do I get upgraded or upgradation is only after SL seats are exhausted.?

  13. Sir, can I get benefits of up gradation class after prepared of chart or on the way of journey.

  14. Dear Sir,

    Suppose if somebody ticket is auto upgraded in higher class, whether that person have to pay the difference of ticket fare of the higher class and lower class at the time of journey.

    with regards
    Ashok Bahuguna

  15. Dear sir,
    I have book a eticket having RLWL 62. While booking I’d check for auto upgradation. But after passing of 20 more days PNR status is on same number.
    So is this due to checking of auto upgradation?


  16. I got upper birth in 3AC but i have prefered for Side Lower. I have clicked the auto upgradation button. So Can it be converted into SL under auto upgradation.

  17. I have booked 5 tickets which is on wating list if auto upgradation is done than will all 5 be upgraded to upper class or just 1 will be upgraded?

  18. One of the best service provided by Indian Railways. I booked in sleeper class and had WL/13 but after chart preparation i got upgraded class and CNF ticket.

    Thanks Indian Railways.

  19. I had booked tickets for wife in 2AC from BVI- ADI & Bacl both the tickets are in RAC 13 & 19 resp.
    Whether she will be upgraded to 1AC or down graded.
    Consider for Auto Up gradation has been ticked mark.
    BVI-ADI on 16th Jan’2016 &
    ADI-BVI on 19th Jan’2016.

    • No body can predict this. It depends on real time situation.
      And please notice one thing if Auto Up gradation option had been checked while booking the ticket then ticket will always be UPgraded.

  20. Dear all friends i had booked a Ticket of 2passengers in 3AC of Mangla Express from NZM to MAJN,Previous night when the chart was prepared i got a msg from IRCTC that my ticket is upgraded to 2AC although my seats were Confirmed earlier still i got the confirmed sweats in 2AC.because i made “consider auto upgradation” while booking the ticket online & i was shocked that i didn’t even paid a single rupee for 2AC & the total difference in both the tickets were approx Rs 1200 per ticket.Really hats off to IRCTC.GOOD JOB KEEP IT UP.

  21. It is applicable for both waitlist and confirmed tickets also. Just now my seat got upgraded to 3A from SL.

  22. suppose i booked a ticket in SL class and it is waiting list at time of booking but get conformed after some days.. is there any chance to get in higher class even now or auto up-gradation option is not applicable now??

    • – Did you check the AutoUpgrade checkbox while booking your ticket? If No then there is NO chances to get your ticket upgraded.
      – If your ticket is still in waiting list then it depends on Railway to UpGrade your class only if there are few seats are left in upper class.
      – If your ticket is confirmed before chart preparation then you will also be eligible to get higher class.

  23. i booked a ticket for 15th nov. on status as rlwl,now the pnr status is same.
    but i forgot that whether i click on auto upgrade option or not so,pls tell me what to do.

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