What is i Ticket ? Difference Between e Ticket and i Ticket ?

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What is I ticket?

I-Ticket meaning- i-ticket refers to the ‘Internet Ticket’ is a normal ticket or we can say it is like a Counter Ticket. When you book an i-ticket, it is the Indian railway responsibility to deliver the i-ticket at your doorstep.

I-ticket can only be booked three days before the journey date. It is required to book I ticket three days before because IRCTC needs at-least three days to deliver the I ticket at your address by the courier. Whenever you book i ticket IRCTC dispatches that ticket immediately within 2 hours to your mentioned address.

What is E-Ticket?

e-Ticket meaning – e-Ticket refers to the electronic ticket. It is also called as Digital ticket. The E-ticket can only be booked online. Click here to know how to book an E-ticket. E-ticket delivers at your email id instead of at your doorstep.

How to book I Ticket online?

Yes, you can book i Ticket online. Just you need to select the option i Ticket instead of e-Ticket at the time of booking.

It is very easy to book i Ticket please follow below steps to book and i Ticket online:

Step1: Create a new account in IRCTC website

Click Here to create a New Account.

Step2: Login to IRCTC website with the username and password you created in step1.

Step3: Select the source and destination for your journey.

Step4: Select Ticket Type= i Ticket from the drop-down and click on the submit button.

Step5: Select the trains and click on the Book Now button. That’s it!

When and how I will get I-tickets delivered to my address?

No worries for delivery of the i Ticket because once you have booked the i Ticket it is IRCTC responsibility to deliver the i Ticket to your doorstep. IRCTC usually delivers the i Ticket within 48 hours to your address.

Can I modify the details in I-ticket once booked?

Yes but online it is not possible to modify the details once i Ticket is booked. You need to go to the reservation counter in person and there you can fill an application form with new modified details of the passenger, Change of Boarding point, etc with your i Ticket PNR number.

The railway charges a minimal service amount and one can pay online through credit and debit cards.

In case you wish to cancel the ticket, it cannot be done online and you need to visit the reservation counter.
You can book an i-ticket from the IRCTC website.

What are the rules for the cancellation of the I-ticket?

You can read the full rules of canceling irctc ticket here (Login is required at IRCTC website)

Can I cancel the i Ticket once booked? Will I get amount refund?

Yes, you can cancel the ticket but online again it is not possible. You will have to go to the railway station in person in order to cancel the i Ticket.

Yes, you will be eligible to get a refund after deducting the cancellation fee but this amount will be credited back into your bank account. At reservation counter you can cancel the i Ticket only, no refund of the amount will be done there.

Can I cancel the I-ticket after the train has departed from the source station?

You can cancel i Ticket in this case. Just you need to fill the cancellation form with one more TDR form in order to get a refund.

Can I book I-tickets from outside India?

Yes, you can book the i Ticket from anywhere and i Ticket can be delivered inside India only.

i Ticket can be delivered at any address including your friend’s home, hotel, etc but you should be available at the time of delivery to show your Identity card for verification purposes. If unfortunately, you can not be present at the time of delivery of i Ticket then you need to write a letter with your sign and will have to give it to the hotel authority. The person who receives the ticket on behalf of you will be asked to show the authority letter in order to collect the i Ticket.

Can I track the status of i ticket?

Yes, you can track the status of your i Ticket online. You need to log in to the IRCTC website and search for Track Your Ticket option there you’ll have to enter the PNR number of your i Ticket. You can contact the Courier office also to track your ticket the courier office number and address will be mentioned on the same page where you can get details and can get in touch with them to track your i Ticket.

Tracking of i Ticket is activated only after 2 hours from the booking time

What if I lost/misplaced my I ticket? Will I get a refund ?

No, if you lost your i Ticket then there is no refund is permissible but you can apply for a duplicate ticket at the reservation counter, for this you will have to pay some extra fee.

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