What is PNR Number and PNR Status ?

PNR means Passenger Name Record  it is a 10 digit number mentioned at upper left corner of your Indian Railway Ticket. Indian Railways PNR Number is a record of  passenger  in Computer Reservation System (CRS).

PNR Number at Upper Left Corner
PNR Number at Upper Left Corner

From a technical point, there are five parts of a PNR required to book a ticket:

  • Name of the passenger
  • Contact details for the travel agent or airline office.
  • A ticket number or a ticketing time limit.
  • Itinerary of at least one segment, which must be the same for all passengers listed.
  • Name of the person who is booking the ticket.

PNR STATUS –  Can be of many types as explained below, using this a passenger or anyone can get the current status of the booked ticket.

Have a look at many statuses and their descriptions of a PNR number:


  • Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
  • Reservation Against Cancellation
  • Waiting List Number
  • General Wait List
  • Remote Location Wait List
  • Pooled Quota Wait List
  • Cancelled or Modified Passenger
  • RAC Coach Number Berth Number
  • Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
  • No More Booking Permitted
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  2. I have a wl ticket booked on date 15/4/16.the WL is 29/30 from bls to ndls .my date of journey is 6 the may 16 .I want to cancel my ticket.what is the refund amot in 3ac

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