Train Chart Preparation Time 2023 Indian Railways

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Train Chart Preparation Time. Railway announced the new chart preparation time for trains today check below:

With Effect from 1st August 2023 First Train Chart Preparation Time is usually 4 hours prior to train departure time and Final Chart Preparation Time is 30 Minutes before the Departure Time of the train.

When Train Chart is Prepared? Train Chart Preparation Time?

The train chart is the list of passengers with all the details like passenger Name, Age, Gender allotted coach number, Seat number in the coach, and Source station.

Collecting the entire booked train seat details and making a Chart with the final status of all booked seats whether it is on the Waiting list or Confirmed.

Once the chart is prepared with all the details mentioned above, it is hung on the notice board in the railway station and when the respective train comes then the chart is glued on every coach with all passenger details with their seat number in that coach.

Train Chart Preparation Time

New Final Train Chart Preparation Time 2023 in Indian Railway

  • As recently announced by Indian Railway, the new Train Chart Preparation Time is 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the particular train. Till this time all the reservation tickets can be booked.
  • You might have noticed that when Check PNR Status of your booked ticket then there is a column called Chart Status having values of either Chart Prepared or Chart Not Prepared. What does it mean?

There are Two train chart preparation times in 2023

For Morning Trains and Evening Trains.

1. Train chart preparation time for Early Morning Trains

For morning trains that depart between 12 AM to 11 AM, the Train chart preparation time is the previous day before 8 PM. This is an exceptional case of the IRCTC rule. But it is required also because passengers who are travelling during these hours need the exact seat to confirm availability status.

2. Train chart preparation time for Evening Trains:

For all evening trains chart usually prepares just 3-4 hours prior to the train departing from the origin station.

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What is the meaning of Chart Prepared and Chart Not Prepared?

You may have noticed that whenever your ticket is on the Waiting list or in RAC then it gets upgraded frequently. If you have WL 10 waiting list then after some time it may be in WL 9 this is because somebody might have cancelled their confirmed ticket, as a result, the WL ticket was reduced by 1.

Chart Prepared Means

It means “list of passengers has been prepared by Railway for specific trains in Chart” and no more status as explained above will be updated for any PNR Number.

Chart Not Prepared Means:

A chart not prepared means that still there is a chance for a few waiting-listed tickets to be upgraded to Confirmed tickets.

What is Final Chart and Final Chart Preparation Time?

On 1st Aug 2023, Indian Railway made some changes in their Chart Preparation system, now the chart will be prepared two times for each train.

What is Final Chart Preparation Time in Indian Railway:

Final Railway Chart Preparation time is 30 minutes prior to the train departing from the source station.

As announced by Indian Railway, the First reservation chart of the train will be prepared 4 hours prior to the train departure time from the source station and the Second/Final reservation chart of the train 30 minutes prior to the train departure time from the source station.

Why Final chart concept came?

Indian Railway brought this concept for passengers to let them be aware of the status/chances of the ticket to be confirmed 4 hours before the train departs through First Chart Preparation so that they can plan their journey well.

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Will booking be allowed after the first Chart Preparation?

Yes, Booking is allowed after the first chart preparation also. And you can book E-ticket online too after the first chart preparation.

What are Hidden Quotas in Chart Preparation?

Internally at the time of chart preparation usually following two things happen:

In many of the trains, there are “hidden quotas” available which do not allot until chart is prepared, once the chart is prepared those available seats in hidden quotas are given to the passengers who have tickets on the waiting list.

After chart preparation, No more tickets can be booked for the concerned train. If your waiting list ticket gets confirmed after chart preparation then you can look out for a coach and a berth will be a lot to you.

How does the Indian Railways Chart Look Like?

A very long paper is always seen at the entry door. Which mainly contains the Passenger Name, Old PNR Status, Newly allotted seat, and couch number.

Below is the sample image of the Indian Railway Chart please have a look.

Railway Chart Preparation Time
Indian Railway Chart Close Look
Train Chart Preparation Time 2021
Indian Railway Full Chart For Single Couch

For any queries write in a comment box we will try our best to solve your query.

Note: Now a days IRCTC stopped to put this chart on entry door because of passengers privacy issue occurred in 2023.

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140 thoughts on “Train Chart Preparation Time 2023 Indian Railways”

  1. Hlo sir ,
    Train no- 19804
    Pnr no-2853167148
    Rac – 78,79,80
    Nd the timing of train is 21:55 i.e. today
    Please reply me it will get confirmed or not?

  2. Hi Sir

    PNR no:4429773561
    Train: Howrah mail
    We have booked at wl49,50,51,52
    Can you please tell will it get confirms
    Date of journey:31 March
    Date of booking13 th March
    Please help

  3. Hi,
    I am travelling from sec to nagarsol by Ajantha Express today and the pnr no is 4747852139
    I am having RAC 78 to 81. Will the tickets get conformed?

  4. My train no 19420 and I have waiting list of W/L 11. Could you please confirm whether my ticket get confirmed?
    PNR : 8251881468
    Journey date : 21 December 2016
    Also, usually when chart gets prepared…

  5. my train no is 12760 pnr no is 4326015612 w/l-21 is there any chances to confirm ,i did’nt get any updates from irctc

  6. I have booked a ticket frim NDLS to PUN Jn on 30 sept 2016. Train details are
    Pnr 2803986145
    Booking Status Current Status
    RLWL/35 RLWL/2
    Travel date 7 nov 2016

    Any chances of confirmation??

  7. by IRCTC app i was booking my ticket. payment had been done but during this tbe internet connection has intrupted nd i cant get my ticket or pnr plz suggest how i get my refund or e- ticket

  8. sir,
    i have booked my tickets under tatkal is noticed that the chart is prepared and the tickets are under waiting list ckwl17 and ckwl18.
    will my money is refunded if tickets are not confirmed or not.

  9. sir pnr nmbr 8538816970
    j. date 29/10/2016
    bhopal to ajmer
    rac 21,22,23,24,25
    sir please confirm karwa dijiye

  10. I tried to sign up to irctc to create an account. When I reached the Address section, the ‘State’ does not get selected. It is inactive.

  11. PNR:6760402254,TRAIN:18409,DOJ:17-10-2016,TIME:19:00,SL,HWH TO BBS,Biswajit Gouda,WL 8 .
    Plz confirmed the ticket

  12. Train origin start time is 6.25 am from Delhi and my reservation is from Gaya jn. Here the train will reach same day at 9:00 pm.

    When chart will prepare for me at boarding point at Gaya?

  13. Dear Sir,
    I have booked ticket yesterday (07 Oct. 2016) in tatkal, reservation details are PNR No. 4637412786 (Train name 16332 Mumbai Express) & scheduled departure time is 21.30 from Krishnarajpuram (KJM) Bangalore.
    1 seat has confirmed & other two seats are waitlist 1 & 2 ( Partially confirmed).
    Now chart has prepared & status has not changed. I have not able to cancel these tickets.
    I have filed TDR online today (8 Oct. 2016, 11am). Can I get full amount as refund? please guide me.
    Thanks & regards,

  14. Hi,

    My PNR # 2804168730 train departed when I checked online 30 min before departure it showed W/L 4. So i did not board the train. Could you please tell when will i get my refund,

  15. I have booked 4 tickets from nizzamudin to kopargaon in tier 2. Journey date is October 14, 2026 and it’s showing waiting list from 16-19. Please guide me weather i should cancel these tickets and should go for tatkaal or shall i wait for this to get confirmed?

    The pnr number is 2422384598.

    Please advise accordingly.

  16. Dear sir

    My pnr status is 8751604951 and PQWL 2 how much are the chances to confirm and my travelling is on 01/10/2016

  17. My train no 17209 and I have waiting list of W/L 18,19,20,21,22. Could you please confirm whether my ticket get confirmed?
    PNR : 4536154655
    Journey date : 01 OCT 2016
    Also, usually when chart gets prepared…!!

    • i have booked a ticket in train no . 12274 . New Delhi Hawrah duranto express Pnr No. is 2549720944 from kanpur to hawrah jn. current waiting list is wl 11 and wl 12 , the journey date is 8-october-2016. will it get confirmed plz suggest me.

  18. My train no 12426 and I have waiting list of W/L 39. Could you please confirm whether my ticket get confirmed?
    PNR : 2703758449
    Journey date : 25 Sep 2016
    Also, usually when chart gets prepared…

  19. Train no- 12975 SBC-NGP

    PNR no.- 4223632606
    Booked status- RLWL/13
    Current status- RAC/49
    Date of journey- 15 oct 2016
    Whether ticket will be confirmed or not?

  20. My date of journey is 5 oct 2016.
    Train no.-12539
    PNR- 4535877316
    3AC E-ticket
    status -RQWL W/L 1
    while checking PNR status it shows W/L 1 RSWL . what’s that?

    Will it get confirmed or not.? Please reply as it is e-ticket .. I’m worried.

  21. Sir
    My pnr number is 6153404735 and the journey date is on 17th sep. Kindly relpy as an urgent basis that whether i have to go for tatkal ??.

  22. hello sir ,
    i commented on 10/9/2016 8.41 pm
    my train is on 11/9/2016 at 1.30am jaipur mumbai suparfast exp
    i booked ticket from vadodara to mumbai central
    i booked 9 tickets 6+3 (etickets) 6 gets confirm nd remain 3 shows WL1,WL2,WL3 (SL ticket) after 1st chart get prepared.
    what is chance to get ticked confirmed . should i wait for conformation?
    PNR#1 (2422134706) FOR CONFIRMED 6 TICKETS

  23. my current ticket is RAC in first chat who prepared 4 hours before train schedule is this any possibility it will conform on next chat who prepare 30 min before schedule

  24. Sir my pnr no 4635480437. Madurai to mumbai… Status is 50..journey date 9th sep is it possible to getting berth? Please rly me.. If not i will try tatkal

  25. Train No. 13351
    PNR No. 6456098311
    WL – 8-9
    Journey date 07 Sept. 2016 my ticket will be confirm or not plz inform me fast
    my whatsapp No. 9993303907

  26. Train no:12133
    Departure:3sept 22:00 manglore expres tatkal wl 7 is there any possibility to get conform how we get the chart with my name in the list online

  27. Sir my # pnr 4843215265
    Journey on 3 sept .but the train from kanyakumari to Mumbai I am booked my ticket from erode to tirupathi my waiting list is RLWL148 / RLGN and WL98
    Would my ticket get confirmed

    • pnr no-4843918794
      my current ticket status is wl-147…please tel mea sir that my ticket got confirmed…or rac seat will be given…pr any other thing will b happen

  28. my PNR NO 4123245576 ,status is CKWL is 23 whether it will be confirmed or not , for the train 12864
    pl give reply

  29. train no – 12509
    Pnr – 4741534671
    W/l- 4,5
    Journey date -2nd September
    AC 3 tier,please let me know whether my tkt gets confirmed?

  30. Hello Sir,
    My PNR # 4841947211
    It is currently WL6,7,8.. Could you please let me know if this will get confirmed. Travel date is on 12-Aug-2016. Thanks for your quick response.

  31. PNR-6758222483

    Journey Date: 15th August

    Passenger 1: while booking: wl/3 Current Status: CNF
    Passenger 2:while booking: wl/4 Current Status: wl/1

    What will happen to my 2nd Passenger? Will She get confirmed? If she stays in WL can she board? Shall I opt for Tatkal seats and cancel this current ticket?

  32. Hey,

    I am in some doubt, Can you give your suggestion. We had a tatkal ticket as per below with waiting 1,2,3. Can you give your suggestion on it ? Do we need to wait or cancel these ticket.

    PNR Train From To On Last checked
    4635525217 DURONTO AC EXP SC PUNE 12 Aug, Fri

  33. Sir, I have booked a ticket in train no 12630 with PNR no 2420351330. Till today morning it was showing W/L 5, since it’s urgent for me to travel I decided to go for Tatkal booking considering it would secure my travel. Unfortunately, the tatkal ticket got booked with W/L 2 with PNR no 2421373557. It has left me with more uncertainty, I was checking flights as well and was willing to take them considering the uncertainty but I’m unsure about refund rules. Can you guide me about the possibility arising out of the above scenario, whereby if none, one or both the tickets get confirmed and what best should I do. Kindly look into urgently as train leaves tomorrow morning itself.

  34. Hello sir my pnr 6657107047 and it was WL/6 is a tatkal ticket of 3 tire so where I can seat in tain

  35. I have to board train from Jabalpur to Pune on 11/7/2016 (tomorrow). Train No- is 12150. Current waiting list is RLWL25. Can you please tell and advice whether the ticket will get confirm during chart preparation.
    My PNR -6154220601. Please reply on urgent basis.

  36. train no – 12307
    Pnr – 6656820510
    Rlwl – 15/10 or 16/11
    Journey date -13 july my ticket will be confim or not plz inform me fast
    My whatsap no – 7549719945

  37. My PNR is: 4841189112,Train is KORBA EXPRESS( 22648). My Journey start time is 11:25PM where as train is already started at today morning 6:10 AM.
    is there any chance of my seat confirmation? chart is still not prepared and current status is: CKWL/6.

    • No it will not get confirmed. But yes you will get seat to just SIT.

      Please Note:
      R Indicates your ticket has got confirmed to sit, you may get a complete berth, if somebody doesn’t appear in the train for an RAC confirmed ticket.

  38. PNR:4120816140,TRAIN:12602,DOJ:15-06-16,SL,SRR-MAS,
    1 ticket conformed and one is CKWL1.
    Is there any chance of getting conformed? When will the chart be prepared,My coach no?

  39. My booking is from Chennai @ 10:30 PM..the train is already running from ellepy from 6am.. Mine is a wait listed ticket..and the chart is still not prepared.. Plz tell me when is the chart prepared. Train 13352

  40. PNR 4739319086 . Chart prepared last night with status WL 3 and 4. Is there any chance of confirmation in final chart that is made 30 min prior to departure?

  41. I booked ticket on 6th June.. Travel date 7th June. train number 12747 ,the status now showing is waiting list 6 and 7.Will the ticket get conformed by tomorrow ??.

    PNR no:4740434663


  43. Booked tatkal ticket from Thanjavur to Tambaram in Mannai express. Waiting list is 75. Is there any chance to get conformed??? pnr #4120494271

  44. Hi my PNR is 241-8567661 travelling in 22110 today 1st JUNE 2016 however at 11 AM chart was prepared for 15:45 departure and seat status is WL1 & WL2. As per your comments will there be new chart prepared half an hour before and seats may confirmed? Should I wait

    Please respoind quickly and I will be thankful.

  45. pnr no 2865036398 AC 2Tier train no 11058,dated 1-06-2016 CKWL 1 . Is there any chance of getting conformed? When will the chart be prepared ?

  46. PNR No. 2865036398 AC 2 Tier for train no 11058 Amritsar Dadar express dated 1st June 2016. E ticket shows CKWL1. Shall the ticket will get conformed and when the chart will be prepared.
    Can the same person book for two trains at a time.

  47. Hello

    I have booked online ticket in tatkal for 12630 YPR S KRNTI EXP date of boarding 1- 6-2016,PNR:2218793797 its 3AC ticket , now its showing WL 28 and WL 29, what are the chances of conformation..

  48. My ticket is showing RAC 2,3,4,5,6. in New delhi – Dibrugarh rajdhani for 5th June.I would like to ask in case of “chart not prepared” the possibility of confirmation is there or not. Should I go for tatkaal after cancelling this ticket ???

    Please answer………

  49. I have booked e-ticket in the train no..16105 my intial waitlsit no was 54 after the chart preparation it stood at WL 6…whether i can board the train or whether the e ticket will get cancelled automatically?or wheter i want to cancel the e-ticket?

  50. I have booked ticket for 18030 Shalimar express, my PNR 6655635379.but online reservation status shows waiting and chart not yet prepared how many hour before chart prepare form train departure
    Pl explain

  51. I have booked ticket for 18030 Shalimar express, my PNR 6655635379 right not train departed from origin, but online reservation status shows waiting and chart not yet prepared how many hour before chart prepare form train departure
    Pl explain

  52. My PNR number-8347461506 and its timing is 1:55 at 28th may .whether the change or ticket will conform?

  53. Sir I booked 7 teckets from Adilabad to manmad train no 11402 my wl no 36 after chart prepared my wl no 1 to 6 one ticket is conformed any chance to conform remaining tickets please inform me sir.

  54. I have the train at 8:45 tonight. Its an e ticket . and it is still W/L 1. Chart is not yet prepared. Are there chances of confirmation? Can I travel with this? Or do I need to start making alternate arrangements

  55. Ticket – PNR 2414516727 26/05/2016 is the train departure. Still the ticket is WL/2.
    Can you confirm the ticket will get confirmed ?

  56. I booked a ticket for second sitting class in one ticket 6 members we are travelling in one ticket. I want to cancel the ticket how much amount will refund yo me
    journey date 01-06-2016
    ticket amount 870 rs (145/passenger)

  57. I booked ticket on 3rd may.. Travel date 17th may. train number 16184 waiting list 9 and 10. whether the change the ticket will conform

  58. I have booked online ticket for 12843 Puri Ahmedabad express for II AC, [ Jalgaon to Ahmedabad] PNR No.: 6654310881, one ticket is CNF and one ticket is waiting 1 , how to chart preparation time for my ticket confirmation.
    Pl explain

    • i am subrata
      my pnr is 6554774175.
      journy date 03.08.2016
      i went to canciled my e ticket.
      please help me.

  59. I have booked 3 tier ac ticket in train 11058. Out of 3 tickets teo r confirm and one waiting list. Will that one ticket get confirmed. Its an e-ticket. Please reply.

  60. Pnr 8146471775
    Chart is prepared
    I got rac allotment
    Is there is any chance of getting confirmed

  61. Is it possible to cancel a window ticket after 8 pm if waitlisted ticket not confirmed….and train dep time > 11pm < 6 AM

  62. My Travel date is 8th may. Booked ticket 1 month before. Ticket status is showing as WL1, WL2, WL3. My PNR no is 4418675052.
    Please let me know whether I need to book Tatkal tickets

  63. Pnr 4319318494 current WL1, 1 tier

    I have booked an eticket for 1may from Bhopal to Delhi. Timing 2305 hrs. The train has started from source however I see chart not prepared.

  64. My pnr status is 8644342846 and W/L 3,4,5,6. how much are the chances to confirm and my travelling is on 9th May 2016

  65. My tickets got CONFIRM from RAC. But my berth and coach are not yet still given whenever i check PNR. Will i get seat on it. Where will be the chart published. Its a midnight train so what time they will prepared the chart. Some suggestions needed.

  66. I have booked online ticket for 18030 Shalimar express, right not train departed from origin, but online reservation status shows CNF and chart not yet prepared
    Pl explain

  67. Travel Date 24th April But Last Moment Ticket Still Current Status if RAC, How to travels processes.

  68. I have to travel in 15651 on 22 march and my ticket is cnf but after some days I booked two another ticket on this date which status is wl 8,9 and pnr is 6249494555 can I take them with me on my cnf ticket ?
    And another thing is that two tickets are taken from staion

    • No problem if u r getting ticket from counter it will be not a problem whether it was conform or still waitlist

  69. if ticket is not conformed,un till last minute. what is condition of passenger and what about paid fare amount

  70. Train starts from dibrugarh but i need to board the train from guwahati
    In this case which satation is the source station?plz let me know abt it.

  71. My ticket got confirmed from RAC whoever it doesn’t have seat or berth number. Please advise once chart is prepared is the same information gets updated online and I check seat details online or have to check it manually in list attached in the station

  72. loss tecket of my allahabad to new delhi 09 jan 2016 ,12417 pariyag raj exp .and new delhi to allahabad 17 jan 2018 12418 pariyag raj.halp to me and what is i am teravaling to .THanking For You.

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