Train Chart Preparation Time 2016 Indian Railways

Train Chart Preparation Time is usually 4 hours prior to train departure time.

What is a Train Chart and Chart Preparation time in Indian Railway?

Train chart is the list of passengers with all the details like passenger Name, Age, Gender allotted coach number, Seat number in the coach and Source station.

Collecting the entire booked train seats details and making a Chart with final status of all booked seats whether it is in Waiting list or Confirmed.

Once chart is prepared with all the details mentioned above, it is hanged at the noticed board in railway station and when respective train comes then chart is glued on every coach with all passenger details with their seat number in that coach.


Train Chart Preparation Time 2016 in Indian Railway

Chart preparation time depends on the train departure timing. Railway says Train chart preparation time is usually 2-4 hours before the departure of the train from Source station but in reality it does not happen.

You might have have noticed that when Check PNR Status of your booked ticket then there is a column called Chart Status having value either Chart Prepared or Chart Not Prepared. What does it means?


There are Two train chart preparation time in 2016

For Morning Trains and Evening Trains.

1. Train chart preparation time for Morning Trains:

For morning trains departs between 4AM to 11 AM, Train chart preparation time is previous day 8PM.

2. Train chart preparation time for Evening Trains:

For all evening trains chart usually prepares just 3-4 hours prior to train departs from origin station.

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What is the meaning of “Chart Prepared” and “Chart Not Prepared” ?

You might have noticed that whenever your ticket is in Waiting list or in RAC then it gets upgraded time by time. If you have WL 10 waiting list then after some time it may be in WL 9 this is because somebody might have cancelled their confirmed ticket as a result WL ticket reduced by 1.

Chart Prepared Means:

It means “list of passenger has been prepared by Railway for specific trains in Chart” and no more status as explained above will be updated for any PNR Number.

Chart Not Prepared Means:

Chart not prepared means that still there is a chance for few waiting listed tickets to be upgraded to Confirmed ticket.


What is Final Chart and Final Chart Preparation Time?

Final Chart:

On 12th Nov 2015 Indian Railway has made some changes in their Chart Preparation system, now chart will be prepared two times for each train.

Final Chart Preparation Time in Indian Railway:

Final Chart Preparation time is 30 minutes prior to train departs from source station.

As announced by Indian Railway, First reservation chart of train will be prepared 4 hours prior to train departure time from source station and Second/Final reservation chart of train 30 minutes prior to train departure time from source station.

Why Final chart concept came?

Indian Railway brought this concept for passengers to let them aware from the status/chances of the ticket to be confirmed 4 hours before train departs through First Chart Preparation so that tehy can plan their journey well.

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Will booking be allowed after first Chart Preparation?

Yes, Booking is allowed after first chart preparation also. And you can book E-ticket online too after first chart preparation.


What is Hidden Quotas in Chart Preparation?

Internally at the time of chart preparation usually following two things happen:

In many of the trains there are “hidden quotas” available which do not allot until chart is prepared, once chart is prepared those available seats in hidden quotas are given to the passengers who have tickets in waiting list.

After chart preparation No more tickets can be booked for the concerned train. If your waiting list ticket got confirmed after chart preparation then you can look out for coach and berth allotted to you.


How Indian Railway’s Chart Looks Like ?

It is always a huge long paper joined together usually place at left to the Train’s main door. Which is mainly contains the Passenger Name, Old PNR Status, Newly allotted seat and couch number.

Below is the sample image of Indian Railway Chart please have a look.

Indian Railway Chart Image Close Look

Indian Railway Chart Close Look

Train Chart Preparation Time

Indian Railway Full Chart For Single Couch

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  1. my train no is 12760 pnr no is 4326015612 w/l-21 is there any chances to confirm ,i did’nt get any updates from irctc

  2. Bhingarde Prashant says:

    in tatkal ticket W/L 6 & W/L 7 after preparation of chart will confirm

  3. I have booked a ticket frim NDLS to PUN Jn on 30 sept 2016. Train details are
    Pnr 2803986145
    Booking Status Current Status
    RLWL/35 RLWL/2
    Travel date 7 nov 2016

    Any chances of confirmation??

  4. sandeep kumar says:

    by IRCTC app i was booking my ticket. payment had been done but during this tbe internet connection has intrupted nd i cant get my ticket or pnr plz suggest how i get my refund or e- ticket

  5. srujan aakurathi says:

    i have booked my tickets under tatkal is noticed that the chart is prepared and the tickets are under waiting list ckwl17 and ckwl18.
    will my money is refunded if tickets are not confirmed or not.

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